Why are free schools allowed to employ unqualified teachers?

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gardener321 Mon 01-Jul-13 16:48:06

Why are free schools allowed to employ unqualified teachers? Why would they want to? I can't see how how unqualified teachers are a good idea. What are your thoughts?

whipple Tue 02-Jul-13 19:07:05

Some independent schools employ unqualified teachers, so Gove wants to follow suit. Usually these teachers are experts in their field , for example a friend with a history PhD but no teaching qualifiacation taught in a private school for a while. However, after a year or so the private schools do want unqualified people to get a qualification.

I think the big problem with free schools using unqualified people and being able to set their own pay scales is that there will be downward pressure on salaries - you will also have people who have not studied educational theory and psychology etc and considered what it takes to structure a lesson well, how to encourage pupils to think independently, ask good questions etc.

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