What play schemes are there in Brighton for the summer holidays?

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ElmMum Mon 03-Jun-13 22:37:55

DD1 is coming to the end of reception, so this is our first experience of school summer holidays and I'm starting to panic!

DD2 has just started doing two days a week at nursery, so really want to find a play scheme locally that DD1 can go to on the days DD2 is in nursery. Would be galling to spend money on nursery for DD2 and not be able to work those days because DD1 is kicking about at home, if you get what I mean.

Have done some Googling but can't find much info. Don't really think DD1 is old enough/confident enough to go to a full-on sporting activity-type scheme with lots of stuff organised. Just want something where she can play with people her age, do some colouring in, generally muck about from about 8.30 til 4ish.

Any suggestions? Thanks in advance smile

drystonewallchart Wed 05-Jun-13 12:46:08

summer fun and child care information

donskipops Mon 08-Jul-13 20:35:56

Hi, I am an Ofsted registered childminder who is running a mini kids club over the summer holidays. I live near Preston Park station and will be looking after a few year one children over the summer holidays. Give me a call if you think I could help. Donna 07908549356

sophie50 Sat 27-Jul-13 21:38:12

There is a really good Summer School in Brighton at the Academy of Creative Training. Think one starts next week and the other is August 5th. It's drama and music and stuff, with a small show at the end of it. My kids went last year and they thought it was so brill they decided to join up for the term-time classes too! Link here: www.actbrighton.org/summer_school_akt.php
Places go quick so I would contact them soon! Good luck during the holidays! Sophie x

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