New to Hove with 5.5 month old

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ababycalledbrian Sun 12-May-13 14:38:47

I moved down to Hove a few weeks ago with my DP who has just opened a new business (indoor climbing centre in Portslade) and I'm finding it harder than I thought I would to find things to do with my DS.

We go to a nice group at a children's centre but I keep going to other groups that I've found on childfriendlybrighton etc and they seem to be more for toddlers or mums with a toddler+baby or, in several cases, to have been cancelled. I'm both angling to make friends - I don't really know anyone down here and my DP is working all hours so am not seeing much of him - and want to find things that my DS will enjoy. I feel pretty tragic typing this as I know Hove is supposed to be baby-central so I'm not sure why I'm finding it so hard but any tips or pointers to good groups for a little one would be really helpful. I feel most bad that I'm not doing enough with my DS as, like any baby his age, he loves meeting new people and going to new places and I think he's pretty sick of my face and his play may by now...

Bizzymummys Tue 14-May-13 13:23:53


I am starting a group called Bizzy Mummys, the first group is this Saturday at 2pm in Fulking, just over Devils dyke.

The group is for mums who are unable to attend groups in the week and want to socalise, make freinds and share their problems.


uponthehill Sun 19-May-13 21:23:17

I agree, it does seem harder to find groups for babies than for toddlers. I've just started taking my 12 month old DD to gymbabes in Hove, which is for 6 month olds to walking. Go to if you want to find out more about it.
And have you tried your local family centre? They usually have a group for babies up to 1.

Helenatpuddleducks Mon 20-May-13 17:22:55

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