Crowborough Birthing Centre

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Poppywink Mon 22-Apr-13 10:29:51

Anyone given birth at Crowborough birthing centre? We visited and were given a tour, seemed very relaxed and unhospital like but quite a drive to get there from Brighton which put me off. Would like to hear about other experiences. Thanks

Gavotte Mon 22-Apr-13 12:46:03

Gave birth there last summer. The birth itself was horrible (painful) but they were absolutely amazing. I had a student midwife and a fully trained midwife in the room with me at all times. They were incredibly supportive, really relaxed and also no nonsense ('sorry, you're too late for pethidin' - although at that point I did almost have a tantrum). Lovely birthing pool too. The journey was a bit of a pain, but in the event I had plenty of time. I made one false journey over there the day before I gave birth. My mum was on hand (partner doesn't drive) and she drove us over at 5am the next morning - gave birth at 11.15am so bags of time. Also then had to transfer into hospital for third degree tear, but was able to go back to Crowborough for R&R after the op.

brightonbug Mon 22-Apr-13 19:19:57

have you considered a home birth? I originally wanted to go to crowborough but i was put off by the long drive, and also the distance from there to the hospital. to me it seemed silly to drive from my house, which is around the corner from rsch in an emergency, to a birthing centre in the middle of nowhere.

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