Mixed Sex Grammar Schools & General Local Advice ??

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notsorockinhippy Wed 27-Mar-13 12:41:09

My DD is yr 5 & we are naturally thinking about yr 7 & have been for a while now. Ideally I would prefer her to try for a Grammar school scholarship as I went to both Grammar & Comprehensive myself & therefore know the benefits of grammar education.

However she is adamant she doesn't want to go to an all girls School which as much as I don't want to, I do understand her reasoning, as I was exactly the same myself, hence why I ended up in a comprehensive school when moving to an area that had no mixed sex grammar schools.

I had hoped to try for Brighton College, but from what I've learnt, it looks unlikely that we will get any kind if bursary or scholarship, as there doesnt appear to be much in that way available there, if any at all, which would make it difficult, if not impossible & I've also been told by friends with DCs at BC that the ethos is very very pressurised, with longer holidays & long school days, an hour a days homework, Christian based teaching & pressure on parents to get involved.

DD is extremely bright & loves to learn & finds it very easy, so where as I am sure she would cope, she does also have health issues (EDS/JHMS) that can impact on her & make her anxious & she then panics over letting people down, not being good enough etc - add to that a massive perfectionist streak all of which feed into her health problems meaning the anxiety makes her physically ill, so I'm wary of an overly pressurised atmosphere for fear of it being counter productive & the stress of it impacting on her health further - but the other part of me feels I am letting her down if I don't try for grammar school as I think she would love the learning based ethos, especially as she is already interested in studying medicine confused

I didn't go to school locally, neither did DH and I'm realising there are more schools than we know about, so maybe there are other grammar schools too ??

Any ideas/recommendations on local mixed sex grammar schools accepting scholarship/bursary for bright local DCs


maiacam Wed 27-Mar-13 17:31:36

I have one child at Lewes Old Grammar not a grammar but a private school and another one starting in September. Didn't choose BC for the pressurised atmosphere. Lewes grammar is the right balance I believe with good pastoral careand scholarships/bursaries are available. Any questions please pm x

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