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goldstonemum Thu 03-Jan-13 17:44:30

i have decided to finally try and get my terrible teeth sorted which will involve getting a brace (shudder!!).

does anyone have any recommendations for where to go in the brighton/hove area. the only place i have had a solid recommendation for is in east grinstead.

thanks in advance for any help!

scuzzi Wed 30-Jan-13 12:17:55

hi! we both go to Brunswick rd dental practice and are quite happy with them.

RoseBrighton Mon 18-Feb-13 09:47:32

Hello! I would recommend Total Orthodontics in Hove (where I work smile). I had lingual braces here, which fit on the inside of your teeth, a few years ago- it was one of the best things I've ever done. All the orthodontists here are specialists and consultations are free!

Total Orthodontics, 49 Lansdowne Place, Hove, BN3 1HF
01273 728333


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