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Carlby Thu 15-Nov-12 19:02:51

We can't decide whether we should move to Lewes or Hove.
Where would you go?

Lewes appeals because it is a smaller place and maybe better schools, plus a radical streak.It doesn't appeal because it is just darker (lightwise) than Hove and no sea and no friends.
Hove appeals because of the sea and the light, the familiarity and friends. It doesn't appeal as bigger, busier, maybe worse schools.

Has anyone any experience or advice on the two? Or the art of making a decision....

Divvythehouseelf Wed 05-Dec-12 08:03:42

Don't know about the art of making a decision (!) but have experience of both places (lived in Hove/portslade and now kids are in school in Lewes and we live just outside). Both got some really nice positives. There's possibly more to do with young kids in Hove but lots of out of school activities in Lewes. I really like Lewes because its small but with enough 'edge' to stop it feeling small-minded - but that could be because I grew up in a similar place. Can't speak from personal experience re. Schools as (long story) went the independent route for DS1 but friends in both places seem really happy with the primary's and I'm aiming for DS1 to go to secondary in Lewes which is supposed to be very good ... Hope this might be of some use?! Please feel free to PM me as not on here very often .... Best of luck!

Kcubs1 Sun 09-Dec-12 15:09:28

I can't speak for Lewes but i live in Hove and think it's great, i live near stoneham park which has a fabulous sense of community for young families and the schools are also brilliant (west hove and goldstone). Good luck with your decision!

Carlby Thu 13-Dec-12 18:44:53

Thanks for the responses! We decided to stay in Hove! Still think Lewes is fab though. But went on gut instincts.

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