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GingerPCatt Mon 22-Oct-12 07:16:48

Thanks! Good to know. grin

sammyjo99 Sun 21-Oct-12 22:56:15

Hi Ginger, I moved here to work at Univ of Sussex last year, also with a toddler (DD now aged 2.9). It's a great place to live with kids - you'll have a wonderful time. I would also recommend looking at Saltdean, Hangleton and Portslade if you are looking for good value housing. Schools are a serious issue in Brighton. We didn't look carefully enough when we moved - I found the three closest schools - all walking distance, and all were great, so I figured the problem was solved. Not so, it turns out that we are in the Hove Black Hole and we're not in catchment for any of our locals - we may well end up being assigned to a failing school that is miles away. Yikes. So, I don't know the schools in those areas, but have a look at which tells you about the system and, criticially, the catchments. Then go crazy on the OFSTED site!

GingerPCatt Sun 21-Oct-12 11:00:26

We're moving to the Brighton area since DH is now working at uni of Sussex. We've been looking for houses and have found two we like one in woodingdean and one in beavendean. What are the areas like? We have a toddler, but forward thinking to school, which has a better school? Our budget is 230 max so we're kinda limited to areas outside of Brighton. Thanks!

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