Recommendations for a good cleaner/cleaning company in Brighton?

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Lorraine1Adore Thu 27-Sep-12 18:19:03

Please excuse me replying to this if you'd rather use someone private than use a firm, but we have some fantastic cleaners in your area and and can give you references from some of our many happy local clients. Our rate for a regular weekly or fortnightly clean is £10.95 per hour if we use your materials. It's a minimum two-hour clean and there are no hidden extras. We offer a very personal, caring service, and you would have the same cleaner at the same time each week. I appreciate this might be slightly higher than you might pay for a private cleaner, but we are a professional company and fully insured, our cleaners are very thoroughly vetted and we can provide cover all year round so your cleaning needn’t be interrupted if your regular cleaner goes on holiday. You can find more information about us, along with genuine testimonials, on our website at
Best wishes, Lorraine

OovoofWelcome Sun 16-Sep-12 16:14:02


I've just returned to ft work after maternity leave and I think I need to start thinking about how to take some pressure off!

So if anyone knows of and/or uses a fab cleaner or cleaning company (for the home) it would be great to hear.

Hanover area of Brighton.


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