Help! Moving to Hove next week from London

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cherisebh Fri 31-Aug-12 23:44:46


We are moving from Sutton, Surrey next week with my husband and our 2 boys 4 and 1. Very nervous as my 4 yr old hasnt been allocated a school place yet and think he will be offered a shockingly bad school. He doesnt have to start school til spring term so think he might be joining his little brother at nursery for a little while. We have seen 3 nurseries and liked hopscotch on portland road the best, has anyone got any opinions on this nursery?

Also i am now due to get back to working which is going to be me launching my jewellery buisness, so if anyone also knows of any studios that are for rent around hove, that would be useful.

Excited to get down there to start a new life for us all!

Thanks for any responses,

Cherise xx

upthealdi Sat 01-Sep-12 11:47:32

Just wanted to say there are very few bad primaries in B&H so don't be too pessimistic! Good luck with the move

nightcap Mon 03-Sep-12 11:38:15

the school thing seems to be a bit of a nightmare although i think upthealdi is right, i haven't heard of any really terrible schools round here.

my 3.5 yr old is starting nursery this week, we looked around at a few and are sending him to angmering nursery in hove (seemed like the kids got to do lots of creative stuff there and were encouraged to be independent, helping in the kitchen etc). didn't visit hopscotch but i've heard it's good.

hope it all goes well for you!

katiecubs Sun 09-Sep-12 20:00:06

We use - small, homely and fab. They have also just launched a pre-school which might be good for your older son.

I hope you get the school allocation you want - I have worked at Goldstone and visited West Hove and they are both excellent IMO.

JamieCarr Wed 12-Sep-12 15:59:09

Hopscotch nursery gets good reports, our daughter went to Pumpkin Patch on New Church Road, that has been excellent. Also Tinysaurus is a good choice if there's space !
Places at good/outstanding primary schools (e.g. West Hove, St Andrews CE, Davigdor) are difficult to get unless you live on the doorstep or are practicing members of the related Church. But as someone else has said, most of the primaries in Hove are OK, locally everyone I know tries to steer clear of Benfield.
We're going to try West Hove (Connaught), Goldstone and Portslade for our daughter who starts in Sept 2013.
Best of luck...

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