Hope this is the right place to post- looking for some local mummy friends!

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20somethingmum2be Sun 15-Jul-12 18:58:36

Hello there,

It's just been recommended to me that I join mumsnet. I moved to Brighton last year but have found it really hard to make new friends here, everyone's so busy and I haven't had the courage to join local clubs etc!

I'm expecting my first baby next January and would really like to meet a few mums-to-be or mums in the area. I'm in my 20s but a bit of an old soul, not really into clubbing and the like! I enjoy baking, going out for coffee, shopping, that sort of thing. I'm in Coldean but looking to meet anyone in the Brighton/Hove area really.

If you're looking for a new friend too then get in touch! smile

RetroMaggie Sun 15-Jul-12 21:41:43

I really recommend doing ante natal classes such as NCT. You'll meet around 6 other women going through the same experiences at around the same time and many find they make some long term friendships.

Pregnancy yoga is also good and you may meet one or two lovely people through that too.

I have a four yr old and am about to be out of the area for a bit.. And and not on here much at the mo.... But I will check in if you fancy a mumsnet chat.


Lauralyle Sun 05-Aug-12 20:52:20

Hey, hope you are doing okay there! I agree with retromaggie about joining the groups, I didnt really do the pre-birth ones but I did once my little girl was born (I moved into new house straight from having her in hospital and knew no-one up here in midlands) and made friends with two families who had babies within 3 weeks of me having mine, we formed a sort of club which became known as the saturday club, we used to take turns hosting the cups of tea and baby play - it was fun and also a great support through the first couple of years. We may not be best mates for the rest of our lives but we have a bond, we saw eachothers babies in eachothers front rooms when they were bald (!!) and we have seen eachothers girls join school and we were all doing it at teh same time. Anyway, I am moving back to brighton with my daughter and husband later this month, I am miles older than you (47) and my daugther is 6 but would always welcome a new mum for a cuppa and my little girl LOVES babies. Take care.

Zoidberg Tue 14-Aug-12 11:07:41

For groups where you meet other mums, you could try Brighton Sling Babies and BubHub.

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