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abrilsp Fri 04-May-12 22:30:32

Hello, it's me again!! sorry to ask so much. Moving to brighton (hopefully one day), still looking for a place. I am having a viewing next week and the closer school is West Blatchington Primary. There's place available for my son (y1). I've look in up my street and the school result are below the average, English is about 20% below!!! This is really putting me off. My son has additional needs and for me get the school right is really important. If you have or know anyone with any opinion about the school i'll really appreciate. many thanks in advance

abrilsp Fri 04-May-12 23:24:11

I'm going to use this thread to enquire about goldstone primary, it seem to be better that west blanchington primary??? I do not bother about hangleton as it's over subscribed...

Rosmos Thu 10-May-12 21:36:37

I am in that area and will be going through the school process next year. I have been listening closely to those that have been though the school process in the last couple of years. This is what I have heard from them. It had a very bad ofsted a few years ago and due to the shortage of schoosl a load of people got given it last year. They were all up in arms! speaking to them a year down the line, they have said it is a good school now, with more funding, new teachers and are working really herd to change its reputation. I have heard quite a few positive stories like this. I would request a viewing of the school and arrange to meet the head teacher. I have heard Goldstone is an excellent school and as another poster has stated Hangleton infants is good as well (quite over subscribed).
Hope this helps

RnB Thu 10-May-12 21:46:14

Hi, I have a child at each of these schools. PM me smile

abrilsp Fri 11-May-12 21:28:46

Thank you so much Ros, it is really helpful. As you say ofsted really bad, at least the statistics. But I am glad that things are improving. Goldstone has places but i'll have to see the waiting list. Also, how far from the property is, because it seems a bit of a walk.
RnB tried to PM but sorry do not know how to...
thanks a lot

Sharnarb Mon 14-May-12 17:32:22

Hiya there, personally, I'd choose Goldstone and have done. My son is in yr2 and although it takes us about 20mins or so to walk there, it is worth it IMO. I live near the park in Hangleton and although Hangleton I/JR is actually closer as it West Blatch, Goldstone certanly had a better feel for the place and seem to do a lot of stuff.

I'd go along to the schools you are thinking of, maybe even speak to some of the parents and go from there

My PO about choosing W.B. is that it was never a consideration. Yes we travel a bit extra each morn and get the bus back in the afternoon but it's the price I'm willing to pay for my son to go to a school I am very happy with.


abrilsp Mon 14-May-12 21:41:22

thanks a lot shar, taking everything on board

gnm79 Mon 28-May-12 21:05:09

I've literally just found out that I'm moving to the area and I need a Reception place for my eldest son. We will be between Goldstone and West Blatchington. From the ofsted reports and the school websites I was leaning towards Goldstone and all of your comments have been so useful!
I also need a nursery place for my youngest son- any recommendations??

Sharnarb Sat 09-Jun-12 18:11:55

Goldstone also have a VERY good nursery which I highly recommend. All the teachers there are lovely and the children feel part of the school as the reception and nursery classes are actually joined together and contained in the same building. Every Friday they have an assembly that you can go to that the reception children AND nursey children show you what they have been up to that week. Gets them used to being in that school enviroment.

No idea about West Blach as it was never a consideration for me. Just dont rate the school at all TBH.
Goldstone BTW I believe have not long had another OFSTED or if not they should be getting one very soon so keep checking the OFSTED site

In regards to the nursery placement, you need to get in quick if you do want your child to go there. It gets oversubscribed quickly.

Goodluck smile

Snoopkat Sat 16-Jun-12 20:23:23

West Blatch are going down a class this year. They have always been an overflow for Central Hove and because of that, people take their kids out when a place comes up in a more "popular" school. They have struggled to keep standards up because of that.

Goldstone are taking an extra class this year, I don't think they have spaces though as I know that 120 were offered. You can check though!

Goldstone is nice, my best mates kids go there.


Tori9 Wed 04-Mar-15 16:14:38

I would just like to say that West Blatchington Primary school is a fantastic school which recently received a "good with outstanding features' from Ofsted and that the bad press the school receives is out of date and not justified all 3 of my children go there and yes my older 2 it was not our school of choice but actually I'm so glad we gave it a chance! It has fantastic facilities lots of outdoor space and most important of all a brilliant learning environment with teachers and support staff who really care and understand my children's educational needs.

needsleeep Sun 08-Mar-15 20:58:45

Hi Tori, so glad I just saw your message as we're considering West Blatchington primary - I'd be really interested to hear more about it, especially things like behaviour/bullying and also any lunchtime clubs or provision for kids who don't like the rough and tumble of the playground....

pimmsandsun03 Fri 29-May-15 18:00:52

West Blatch is a great school and until you have visited a school and got a feel for it you won't know weather is it right for your child or not.
My 6yo goes to west Blatch as did my eldest and it was the best decision we ever made. There special needs department is amazing and my eldest made more progress here in 2 years than he did in a central hove school.
The children there really care about there school and each other.

Lola22 Wed 10-Jun-15 14:14:23

Granted it was 6 years ago, but my daughter was allocated a place at West Blatchington (despite the fact that it wasn't any of my choices) and not near to where we live. She had a dreadful time there - a high percentage of her class did not speak English as their first language, disruptive children throwing chairs, bullying, parents swearing in the queues to pick up their children and verbally abusing each other outside the school gates. I took my daughter out and found a really brilliant school outside of the city. Of course, schools can change but I doubt the demographics of the area where the school is located can?

pimmsandsun03 Wed 10-Jun-15 16:23:37

West Blatch is up for 3 awards at this years argus awards school of the year most improved school of the year and headteacher of the year.
Yes we can't move the school but could guarantee if west Blatch was in central hove it would be over subscribed. I love the fact west Blatch is multi cultural. The location can't change but the school has massively

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