Can I move to Goring or do I need a zimmer frame?

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whoseideawasthepuppy Mon 02-Apr-12 13:06:47

Looking to relocate - like so many and loving the beach in Goring and the just doable commute to London. Is it still Grannysville there or are there some younger areas? If so where are they. (We love Shoreham but can't get enough garden for our money, hence looking slightly further along).

cantspel Wed 04-Apr-12 13:24:31

I live in Goring and dont have a zimmer frame. It is not all oldies and blue rinses although it does have that reputation mainly i think due to the fact there is alot of bungalows in the area.
I love the area, there are good schools, a decent bus service, shops nearby, the sea on your doorstep and easy access to every where via the A27 or A24.

What part of goring are you thinking of?

whoseideawasthepuppy Wed 04-Apr-12 19:55:23

Thanks Cantspel, we're on the hunt for somewhere near a decent primary and with space in the garden. Love Little Paddocks but not sure about the Ferring Primary. Any advice welcome. Thanks

noddyholder Wed 04-Apr-12 20:01:55

It is very old biddyish imho but its also lovely I esp like those houses whose gardens have gates to the beach

cantspel Wed 04-Apr-12 23:59:00

The Goring Hall area is good an in the catchment of Goring-by-Sea CofE First School which is ofsted rated as outstanding.
Ferring Primary is not a bad school but if i had to choose between the 2 i would go for Goring.
Little Paddocks is a lovely area more Ferring than Goring and a bit further to the station if you are looking to use goring station to get to london.
I am in the Goring Hall area and find it a good mix of people. I have teen boys who have plenty of friends within the area. There is plenty of open space and Bull park is lovely with plenty of the younger children in the way of play equipment. A 10 minute walk across fernhurst to the beach and a big chunk of the area is a conservation area so unlikely to ever be allowed to spoil the views with anyone selling off the land to developers to build flats on(unlike some areas of worthing sea front where loads of the lovely old sea front houses have been pulled down to build appartments)
The houses tend to be a mix of 1930's and 1950's builds. Ours is a 1950's chalet style house on a double plot so a massive garden to the back and side.

This is an example of what £500k will buy in the area

so plenty of property with decent size gardens.

whoseideawasthepuppy Wed 18-Apr-12 09:37:56

Now that the primary schools have been allocated for Sep 2012, can anyone give me the low down on oversubscription etc. We've found two places one in Roseberry and the other in Parklands but both are catchment for West Park. What's the local view on West Park - is it getting any better since it's Ofstead in 2009. Would prefer either Goring CofE or Elm Grove - any chance I'd get into either with regular church goring?

cantspel Mon 23-Apr-12 13:59:19

Elm Grove is over subscribed and always has been but you would probably have better luck with Goring c of e and it might be worth contacting them direct to see if they have a waiting list.

West Park is another popular school and oversubscribed for both reception and middle school entry.

Cuddler Sun 29-Apr-12 23:18:08

Hi i live in Ferring.

Theres lots of old people here,it does have a real atmosphere of dying im afraid.To me Goring is quite rough.I wouldnt live there.We will probably move back up to Horsham soon with any luck.Hurrah!

nickknocks1980 Wed 08-Jun-16 11:53:53

I'm looking to move on or near palmerston avenue near c of e school. Could anyone give any info on this road and near by. Thanks

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