Silent reflux

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Mammysammy83 Thu 22-Sep-11 15:12:59

we have a baby who cries a lot some times for no apparent reason and has lots of trouble sleeping( seems to fight it) feels uncomfortable she also fretful and fussy during and aft feeds sometimes... Took her to the docs who prescribed gavisgon ( baby doesn't posset a great deal) and said it may be a build up of acid after checking her put physically.... She doesn't seem uncomfortable at times when she is digesting so may be the case and have heard that silent reflux is more to do with build up of acid coming up rather than milk... Has anyone else experienced silent reflux?

chilipeppers Thu 22-Sep-11 20:35:06

My baby girl 11 weeks old has silent reflux. she was so uncomfortable during and after feeds,cried all the time,couldn't lay down flat and was sick alot. My hv didn't really listen but my doctor did give me gavisgon for her. That didn't do much on it's own so she was put on ranitadine for the acid and one for the sickness. After a few weeks and a trip to the hospital cos she spent one hole day crying none stop she was put on omeprazole a stronger one for the acid she does seem much better on that. They also put her on a hypoallergenic milk called nutramigen. Really push for omeprazole from your GP if you find your baby still seems uncomforable. Not much you can do about the constant possets i'm afraid! Also think about weaning early that can help the reflux. Really hope you get the right medicine combination sorted it can take a while and alot of trips to the doctors,(we were back and forth for weeks) fingers crossed for you and your little one.

Mammysammy83 Fri 23-Sep-11 09:17:43

Thanks for the advice it does seem that you really have to push with the HHS to get yourself heard! She seems to be improving with gavisgon though making her constipated which is stopping her sleeping I'm Breastfeeding her to used to very runny poos! Am trying keeping her upright as much as poss too as have read that works.... Going to back to docs if no improvement and be insistent! Hope ur little one doing well seems that you have found something to ease it (smile)

chilipeppers Sun 25-Sep-11 09:14:44

Glad the gavisgon is helping,keeping her upright is the best thing to do especially after she has feed. I'v givin my little one a pillow in her crib and her pram which helps her sleep and feel more comfortable. Don't give up with the doctor if you feel she needs something stonger. Good luck and let me know how it's going.

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