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iamamyp Tue 13-Sep-11 17:31:47

Hi there, me and my family are hoping to move to Worthing or nearby next year to be near my family in Hove. If anyone has any advice on nice areas to live and schools of course, I would really appreciate it. We live in Leeds at the moment and have lots of lovely friends here but really want to be near family and out of the city. Am very daunted about moving somewhere I hardly know and don't have any friends though! Thank you.

Lynzie Wed 27-Jun-12 12:00:01

I think I may have saw the house you brought in Ham road, as we was thinking of buying it :-)

Hope it all goes through for you. x

iamamyp Wed 27-Jun-12 13:50:20

Thank you Lynzie. Was it very 'in need of modernisation' and with a long garden?! Are you thinking of moving over to East Worthing then?

Lynzie Thu 28-Jun-12 21:04:23

Yeah I think that was the one, and it had a massive garden. We are looking to move anywhere at the moment, just want to get on the housing ladder, but properties in Worthing seem to be few and far between at the moment.
Fingers crossed we will find something soon, but there just seems to be nothing on the market.
Are you looking forward to moving down here?

iamamyp Thu 28-Jun-12 22:33:58

It's so stressful looking for houses, we looked at about 50 before we bought this one. There is stuff out there but lots of houses have been on for a while and are really overpriced too. Hope you find something soon, think you have to be looking all the time and be ready to act quickly when something good comes up.

Yes thanks really looking forward to moving down, be great to be near my folks and the sea. Sad to leave friends and bit worried about where my kids will get into school but sure it'll all work out. Have your kid(s) started school yet? If not, def try and get settled before they do, will save you lots of stress!

kikisunflower Thu 09-Aug-12 10:50:42

Hi I am about to start looking at houses in Worthing due to better value and space. We are in Hove right now, and I don't really know anyone who lives in Worthing. It will be a leap of faith but I'm hoping the kids get into a nice school and enjoy the space. Are people generally quite open and friendly esp through schools? Im hoping its better for teenagers generally although mine are still primary age so hopefully the change wont affect them too much. Planning on having a proper drive around later but am pleased with all the above comments as all very positive. So long as I have decent neighbours preferably also with young kids then I'll be more than happy smile

iamamyp Fri 05-Oct-12 23:29:06

Yes I've met lots of lovely people in the few weeks we've been here, lots of things for kids going on too. The facebook group mentioned above is really good too. Good luck! x

Helenagrace Sun 07-Oct-12 21:11:58

We're also moving to December. We'll be renting a house near West Worthing station. Can't get that group link to work - wondering if it's an invitation only group?

We have a DD aged 11 and a DS aged 6.

mockeveryweek Sun 07-Oct-12 21:21:38

Just another Worthing person saying hello!

I've lived here most of my life. Would be great to have a Worthing meetup.

girlynut Mon 08-Oct-12 22:57:47

Another Worthingite here! Born and bred.

Broadwater is nice (I went to Whytemead and Downsbrook). My parents still live in the house they bought 35 years ago.

But I now live in Goring which I just love. Lovely, friendly neighbourhood. DS1 thriving at Goring First CE School and will be moving on to West Park for Yr4 in 2013. Both schools have good links with St Marys church.

makedoandmend Thu 18-Oct-12 12:29:44

Another Worthing person saying hello. I've lived here four years and have come to really love it - though I admit I hated it at first (mainly because it wasn't Brighton and I was pregnant, had just moved and was very hormonal). But it now reminds me of the storybook plainer sister who doesn't quite realise how pretty she is. Great playgrounds and lots for kids to do and there seems to be real investment going on. Really hoping that the influx from Brighton and Hove will add a bit of buzz that the town needs.
A meet up sounds like a good idea...

Kaydee123 Sun 21-Oct-12 21:45:30

Hi there! I'm new smile
My dh and I with our two kiddies are hoping to move from Newcastle to worthing ASAP to be close to family and within commuting distance to Brighton. This thread has been really useful though getting a place for dd (who has just started reception up here) seems a bit daunting. We are hoping to scout the areas within the next two weeks- any thoughts of nice areas that are close to a station for dh but near good schools for dd? Thank you and hi again smile

Helenagrace Mon 22-Oct-12 20:10:38

Hi kaydee we're moving to Worthing in early December. Lots of areas seem to be near stations so I doubt you'll have any problems. The biggest problem we've had has been finding a house. We're currently near the Lake District so could only go down at weekends. Houses would come up on a Monday and be taken by Thursday. We did it eventually though and have now found a house for the next year. Jacobs Steel were by far the nicest agents to deal with.

I'm looking at schools after half term. The system is different as everything is done through county and schools can't even tell you if they have a place. The school everyone seems to talk about is Thomas a Beckett but it's full from what I can gather.

When you move PM me and I'll buy you a coffee!

Kaydee123 Tue 23-Oct-12 16:43:22

Hi there thank you for the warm welcome and info. I've joined the facebgroup

Kaydee123 Tue 23-Oct-12 16:44:13

Hi thanks for the nice reply and info! I've joined the Facebook group and they were really friendly too. We live in Newcastle so getting down to l

Kaydee123 Tue 23-Oct-12 16:47:34

Sorry it keeps posting before I'm done!!

As I was saying (lol) getting down to see houses is going to be hard but dh's parents live half an hour from worthing so they can always look for us and narrow things down I guess. Man the school system is completely different to what we are used to- that's going to interesting! It seems thr worthing has some fab schools though. I've heard good things about Thomas a Beckett but we are looking at Springfield and the catchment area. I would have liked to lie further west but it's glfurther from dh's parents and for dh to commute. I will def keep you posted for that coffee smile and hope everything goes well with your impending move!

Helenagrace Tue 23-Oct-12 18:39:05

I've been told that there aren't really any "must be avoided schools" in Worthing. It's a mix of first / middle / high school areas and primary / secondary areas. I'm finding that a bit odd. Initially the county said they wouldn't let me apply for school places before we moved - which would have meant four weeks out of school for my DS. I challenged it and they've backed down.

Our house is near West Worthing station.

Kaydee123 Thu 25-Oct-12 12:35:24

So is the school system not done by catchment or is it like a ballot system? I would've challenged that too! 4 weeks is a lot for a little person.

Helenagrace Thu 25-Oct-12 14:11:53

It is done by catchment but in-year applications have to apply to schools with places. There seem to be lots of good schools according to ofsted's website.

The house we're renting is in Thomas a Beckett catchment but I can only get one of my children in. I'm looking at the Vale and Field Place and The Orchards.

Kaydee123 Sat 03-Nov-12 14:06:38

Hello we've been looking at houses and areas in worthing this week- its been exhausting but good to look round- the school thing is a concern but I guess I'll have to cross that's bridge when I get to it :/ does anyone know what sompting is like?

clarey73 Fri 24-May-13 22:41:43

Hi there, sorry for jumping in and 7 months late, but we're moving to worthing too and are looking at Cobden rd and Gordon rd. We've got a 13 month son and OH works in Wothing. Any thoughts on areas? Which one would you choose? We're torn... Thanks for any help...

Loonabob Tue 18-Jun-13 10:50:33

Hello - help!!! We have found a house we love on Ham Road but have concerns about the parking, as other streets are controlled (Ham Road is not) so there is a big overspill of people parking for the day and residents not being able to park on Ham Road and having to park in other roads that are restricted.

The estate agent told us 'he believes' Ham Road is due to be changed to a one way street and made permit only in the next 6 months but I can't find anything to confirm this on the internet. Does anyone know? we really love the house and are scared of missing out due to our concerns but my husbands car is vital for work so parking is a must.

Thanks so much, any advice welcome smile

aschencoby Sat 13-Jul-13 18:26:06

Hi, i'm a single dad with 7yr old twin boys, we live on merseyside at the moment but i am thinking of moving to worthing, i know brighton quite well as i use to live in london, about ten years ago, cant really afford brighton rentals, have seen a flat in wothing on brighton rd which seems just right for us, but dont know the area, any help please!!

diamond86 Wed 07-Jan-15 21:22:16

Hi everybody ! , single parent moving from Liverpool to worthing , where is the nicest part plz? /safest xxxx

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