Where to buy in Shoreham?

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moBou Thu 25-Aug-11 12:17:02

We're moving down from London but looks like we won't be able to go ahead with the house we were buying, so it's back on the hunt.

We've so far been concentrating on north Shoreham, cause we like the bungalows and big gardens but it's pretty slim pickings at the minute. I've seen a couple for sale in Crown Road and Park Avenue but not sure about that area (I've been told the west side of town is better than the east side, by someone who lives on the west side).

Would really appreciate it if anyone in Shoreham could give me a bit of an area guide.

Pixel Mon 05-Sep-11 00:42:13

My mum has a bungalow in between the old shoreham road and the Downs (Upper Kingston Lane area) and it is very nice and quiet (except at school chucking-out time as people apparently have to park as near to the school as possible hmm). I would say all the places around Buckingham Park are ok too, lots of bungalows! Mum previously lived near the station, which she also enjoyed (you soon get used to the trains!) but it sounds as if you are not after the sort of property that surrounds that area.
If it's a bungalow with a big garden you are looking for you might want to extend your search to North Lancing. My sister rents a place just like that backing on to the Downs and it is only a few minutes away from Shoreham. She chose it because the house and the area both reminded her so much of Mum's place in Shoreham (except the garden is twice as big!).

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