Any boys starting at Balfour in Sept?

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raiseaneyebrow Fri 10-Jun-11 17:39:57

DS2 is going but hardly knows anybody, especially boys!

If anyone else has a little boy starting it would be great to meet up in the park some time in the summer...

karenjm Sun 12-Jun-11 08:38:09

DS is starting in September and won't know anyone. He's in Sparrows, do you know what class your DS is in?
Would love to meet up in the park over the summer. We're moving back from Australia but won't be back until August. I'm originally from Brighton, but haven't lived there for 20+ years! Also have a DD(8) who'll hopefully be at Balfour too.

raiseaneyebrow Sun 12-Jun-11 19:51:24

My ds is in Robins...DS1 was in Sparrows, v good teacher there. Let's meet up when you're back

karenjm Mon 13-Jun-11 01:01:22

Great. I'll pm you when we're in town (once I've worked out how!)

raiseaneyebrow Mon 13-Jun-11 09:22:49


Pip Sun 07-Aug-11 13:57:46

Hi. We've just moved to Brighton (from Spain) and our two boys will be starting Balfour in Sept. Our youngest is 7 (year 3) and eldest is 9 (year 5). Happy to meet up with anyone interested. We live in Fiveways and often go to Blakers or Preston Park.

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