Yoga classes with a creche?

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SoHereWeGoAgain Mon 07-Feb-11 19:12:31

Anyone know of a good yoga class in Brighton (for me, not baby!) that have a creche facility. Desperate to get a bit more active but need DS (4 months) looking after.

Also, needs to be on a Tuesday or Wednesday as my bigger DS is at childminder then.

yoga2shape Sun 11-Sep-11 17:34:45

I will be teaching Mother and Baby yoga in Kemptown on Tuesday mornings, beginning in a few weeks. Although this isn't exactly what you have asked for, you can get active, move, stretch, build strength and your baby is welcome, part of the class will focus on yoga for him or her. Take a look at my website for more info!

privateprancer Mon 12-Sep-11 13:18:35

yoga2shape I don't suppose you do kids yoga? My DD (now 4) used to do it where we lived before & love it, but I can't find anything for her here

also, I guess a 2 year old would be too disruptive to attend the mother and 'baby' one on tuesdays?

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