Does anyone know of a good child's hairdresser in Brighton??

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Adamski Thu 16-Sep-10 20:53:08

Have searched and cannot find one who will cut children's hair.
My own hairdresser is great but he wont touch kids!
Please help........!

rattlesnake Sat 04-Jan-14 12:15:20

I would highly recommend "Monroes'" Barcombe rd, Moulsecombe. Rose...Unbeatable hairstylist for kids and adults. Reasonable prices too.

smartypants89 Tue 03-Dec-13 15:52:00

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WilliamPoet Fri 09-Aug-13 20:43:52

I gave up looking for a child's hairdresser and take DD to mine, Little Gem at top of Rutland Road, v happy with her. DD has had a bob, then had it shaped - cut in at the back, kind of grown up for her age but everyone thought it looked great. Hairdresser has a child booster cushion and lollipops for good sitting.

mummytopickle Wed 31-Jul-13 11:45:11

My partner has been taking my daughter to Bertie and Belle and I have to be honest despite how nice a time she has the hair cut is very disappointing. Wobbly fringe, poorly cut back basically looks like someone has just grabbed it and lopped it off with no care and attention. We are trying to grow her hair out so a decent cut gives additional time but these have no longevity, do not hold their shape and well to put it bluntly if he takes her back there he will be for the high jump! Its great that the car chairs are there and the sweets etc as a treat for being good but its pointless if the quality of the cut is shocking.

There is a lovely girl in the hairdressers opposite Oak Cottage Nursery (sorry can't remember name but its very old fashioned) she does a cracking haircut for girls. Can't remember the cost but its not extortionate and she does a proper job.

If your feeling adventurous and its during term time you could also try the Lewes College Hairdressers, they are students but under supervision the cost in minimal and they are always looking for models.

Jdmac Mon 08-Oct-12 12:20:55

I have just taken my little girl to pirate & pearl in shoreham. They are now doing kids hairdressing. Daughter loved it - watched a DVD and got a balloon at the end for being so good. Great haircut and the lady was really lovely. Only £5 aswell!

smartypants89 Thu 24-May-12 16:39:46

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poopa Wed 04-Apr-12 21:40:12

I took my 2 year old here for the novelty factor and they gave him an awful haircut!..I could of done a better job by putting a bowl on his head, I have since taken him to smarty pants on western road in Hove and it is cheaper and a much better cut!

NICDAVIS Wed 22-Feb-12 12:13:15

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Bertieandbelle Mon 02-Jan-12 21:22:20

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spooniemoonie Fri 25-Nov-11 16:55:05

I take my DD to Jiddys on Dyke Road. Only costs a fiver, they have toddler toys, a TV and a beautiful husky dog called Shadow, plus the stylists Kelly and Claire always do a great job and are really patient while DD leaps about and hides from the scissors!

smartypants89 Thu 10-Nov-11 11:29:54

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smartypants89 Wed 09-Nov-11 15:19:26

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rockinhippy Sun 30-Oct-11 10:56:25

Just to add to this, I took DD & her waist length tresses to North Laines Salon in Gardener St last week, she had her hair cut by Manesh - it cost £20 as he's there main stylist, but what a fantastic job he did - will be going back to him myself - not only did DD (9) get a fantastic hair cut, she got the full treatment, he is great with kids & treat her like a star - she has had a bit of a rough time lately, with ill health & accidents & it would have been worth double the money for the massive grin she had on here face after leaving - still did all next day smile

Cutelittlecatlover Sat 22-Oct-11 20:37:53

Another vote here for smarty pants, ds sat happily engrossed in peppa pig totally oblivious to the fact that his hair was being cut! We will definitely be going back smile

KKKaty Mon 17-Oct-11 09:18:34

Yes, Smarty Pants, Western Rd Hove are great. My 2 year old hates having his hair cut, total trauma, but they are brilliant at going with it and getting the job done FAST! Good quality cut and good price.

smartypants89 Mon 03-Oct-11 11:11:46

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Gabrialla Mon 15-Aug-11 12:42:20

i would definatly recommend my hairdresser (in brighton) for you kids haircuts. she is very patient and friendly with kids. i always take my son and daughter to her and she also does mobile hairdressing. her prices start from only £5!. her name is Mey, contact number 07748987861.

Zoidberg Sat 06-Aug-11 15:13:55

Had 2yo DD's hair cut for the first time this morning, at Streakers and it was great, very patient hairdresser, DD had been crying a little in the morning saying she didn't want to go but was persuaded to sit still by them, and a nice simple bob and fringe (from long straggly hair and no fringe), for £6. I was very happy with that.

pinkhebe Thu 04-Aug-11 08:14:04

and I had both boys (10 and 8) hair cut for £12 at toppers (total price, not individual) They must have realised that their prices were out of order

Zoidberg Thu 04-Aug-11 07:54:05

Well I still don't have a hairdresser - have twice left messages for Repunzel but never been called back, and Smarty Pants had to cancel due to illness, possibly ongoing, though we have an appointment for a week's time. What with leaving time for the first one to get back to me, it will have been a month since I first wanting to get a haircut, and DD's hair is so long it's really annoying.

Rant over. Will try others and report back.

Repunzeluk Thu 05-May-11 11:23:03

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LLK78 Sat 16-Apr-11 11:43:31

Definitely Recommend Smarty Pants- took my 3 yr old not happy son there-Great cut- with time spent making it look fab even though he was wriggling- sweeties, bubbles, dvd and car seat all provided! -Just don't be put off leaving a message on their answer phone!

threefeethighandrising Mon 04-Apr-11 23:43:49

Let's try that again.

The Funky Viking in Eastbourne.

threefeethighandrising Mon 04-Apr-11 23:43:16

I know a great one in Eastbourne if anyone is interested.

Funky Viking child-fiendly organic cafe / shoe shop / toy shop / nice place to hang out with LOs.

DS has difficult curly hair, and is not keen on sitting still! The hairdresser spun some kind of magic on him (oh, ok it may well have been Peppa Pig on the DVD!) and he sat still while she did a great job.

God that sounds like an ad! I'm not being paid by them honest! I just think they're great grin

Evilkat Wed 30-Mar-11 10:41:20

Just thought I would share that I also took my little boy to Smartypants this Saturday and it was absolutely brilliant! He sat on a little chair that was a car and he watched a film of his choice while he was having his hair cut. The lady who did it was lovely, very gentle and great with kids. And to top it all, it was only £8. Great service, great price and especially geared at little ones. Very highly recommended!

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