Does anyone know of a good child's hairdresser in Brighton??

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Adamski Thu 16-Sep-10 20:53:08

Have searched and cannot find one who will cut children's hair.
My own hairdresser is great but he wont touch kids!
Please help........!

mamasmissionimpossible Thu 16-Sep-10 21:01:26

Not sure where you are in Brighton, but 'toppers' on ditchling road are used to dealing with kids. I have yet to find a truly great kids hairdresser in Brighton, hope someone else can come along and make a Helpful suggestion.

Pollyanna Thu 16-Sep-10 21:16:22

We go to Mr Toppers nr Churchill Square - I think there are a few branches. Not sure the standard is very high, but ok.

Alternatively Trevor Sorbie do kids cuts for £18 shockgrin (am slightly tempted for my ds2s first haircut)

Pollyanna Thu 16-Sep-10 21:17:44

my sister (hi JT!) has an interesting story about a woman coming into piss on the floor in that toppers branch mamamissionimpossible.

Adamski Thu 16-Sep-10 22:07:16

Am in central Brighton (Seven Dials) and not sure Toppers will be good for a girl's haircut?! Will have to keep searching....
Thanks for your replies so far, particularly the pissing on the floor story!! ha ha.

2shoes Thu 16-Sep-10 22:11:16

Antonio's in Baker street, he does dd's hair(disabled) and is brilliant

Pollyanna Thu 16-Sep-10 22:12:36

Mr Toppers is ok for girls - mine go there! (it is different to Toppers).

Adamski Thu 16-Sep-10 22:24:41

Thank you!

mamasmissionimpossible Thu 16-Sep-10 22:28:58

Have you thought about using a mobile hairdresser? I found one on

Pollyanna - never heard of the pissing on the floor story, yuck! <washes shoes>

treacletart Fri 17-Sep-10 09:24:03

I strongly recommend Headroom on Powis road The barbers just down from Powis sq. They're all really experienced and do a fab job on DS's hair - They mostly do boys I think, but I have seen little girls there too.

KarenG Sun 19-Sep-10 15:41:54

If you're anywhere near Preston Park/Dyke Rd, Gemini on the corner of The Drove and Reigate Rd is kid friendly.

Brightonton Tue 21-Sep-10 14:01:32

I have used Toppers and Steakers at Fiveways. Both seem to like kids and do a good job. My recollection is that Streakers is cheaper.

lucjam Sat 25-Sep-10 22:17:10

Oh god Gemini is awful they gave DD the worst ever haircut I've seen, was done by the wife, the husband then had to come and sort it out. I would NEVER darken their door again, likewise Priddys (?) opposite Dyke Road Tesco's. Gemini is consistantly empty, I live very near and pass frequently.

I got the Point on Trafalgar street and see Nick who is excellent. DD had her hair cut there today by Mia, but its pricey cost £61.50 for bot me and DD.

DD during the week would be £19.50 (senior stylist) and £22 at weekend (with junior stylist).

pigindisguise Tue 28-Sep-10 10:23:07

I think Toppers is cheaper but am going to try Streakers next time because DD's had a couple of wonky haircuts from Toppers in the past. Probably depends who you get

spotofcheerfulness Sun 31-Oct-10 19:02:34

I went to streaker's the other day, and they were ok but when I got home with DS, DP commented, "he looks like a young Julie Andrews". Make of that what you will...

rachelstephens Mon 01-Nov-10 22:18:12

try north laine hair company, i think it is on gardner street. ask for kate. she is great with kids and is a great hairdresser for adults too! she is very reasonable for kids cuts.

i went to streakers once, the hairdresser just kept telling me about her personal problems and the affair she was having and cut my hair really badly as she was so busy talking! i think she has left now ;)

Spidermama Mon 15-Nov-10 15:59:37

Jiddys is pretty good on dyke road next to the dyke tavern. They do lots of kids. Though they got done a couple of years ago for dumping hair somewhere! shock

Also word has it the one on Matlock Road will do kids even if they have nits. That's their USP.

KidzKutz Mon 10-Jan-11 20:10:58

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haggis01 Wed 12-Jan-11 11:46:48

most of the chain salons will do kids at certain times - my teens have used Rush and recently Headmasters (facing the Jubilee library)which was really good, bad experience when they went on their own to Trevor Sorbie. But if your child is little there are lots of barbers and hairdressers around 5ways (streakers,toppers,Roys etc which are fine for a trim)

RooniF Thu 20-Jan-11 19:39:45

Not in Brighton, but Identity in Hassocks very good, cost £5 for my dd's first trim, fantastic staff and a lovely experience all round. We saw Gina and she was great with dd.

Repunzeluk Wed 23-Feb-11 12:05:05

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drmasha Thu 24-Feb-11 18:36:36

I just took my 2 year old boy to Smarty Pants on Western Road by Palmeira Square for his first haircut. Brilliant! They have a car chair and the DVD player so he was watching the cartoon for the most of the haircut. And even when he got fed up and started screaming the lady was brilliant and managed to finish without any problems. The best £8 ever spent. Plus him and his elder sister got a bag of sweets to take home and I got a little pouch of his hair to take home... Highly recommend.

migola Mon 28-Feb-11 09:54:05

Just took DDs to Toppers in Fiveways at the weekend & they're prices have gone up LOADS! Used to pay £4.95 for DD, but now she's 4 it's gone up to £10.95 shock shock, and DD2 (1) was £6.95, so nearly £18 in total. When my DH came back I phoned them up to check they hadn't made a mistake! Apparently they only took 5 mins to do DD2 (ok she's only 1 but she has lots of hair) and her fringe was wonky. Will NOT be going there again

migola Mon 28-Feb-11 09:54:44

their prices blush

raiseaneyebrow Mon 28-Feb-11 19:25:45

Had the same experience at Toppers recently migola. Nearly fainted when it was £10.95 each. Not going there again which is a shame as they are good with kids. DH couldn't believe it cost more to cut a 4 year olds hair than his!

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