What are schools in Hove like?

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SpeedyGonzalez Tue 03-Aug-10 22:58:22

I've just read the Ofsted report/ update letter for Goldstone Primary - looks like they've hugely improved since their last inspection. Would be very useful to get parents' views on Hove schools, though.


SpeedyGonzalez Wed 04-Aug-10 20:06:38


KarenG Wed 04-Aug-10 21:36:02

Goldstone is very well led and well regarded. Parents seem to be happy. My friend's son went to Hangleton Infant and goes to Hangleton Junior now. They are generally pleased with the education he's had and particularly liked the leadership of the Infant school. Think the Infant is outstanding. Davigdor and Somerhill and West Hove - all good schools, forget it unless you live nearby. St Andrew's and Aldrington - forget it unless you are C of E and live in the parish or (Aldrington) live v close by and can apply for a community place. Cottesmore St Marys - forget it unless you are RC and live in the parish. West Blatchington - recently (2 yrs ago) became a primary school after merger. OK I think but not as popular as Hangleton which is nearest alternative.

SpeedyGonzalez Wed 04-Aug-10 23:33:06

Thanks for your post, Karen. The schools thing is so absurd in this city! So many of the schools have such a restrictive admissions process. So if you live where I live you have no chance of getting into ANY of the schools that are within comfortable-ish walking distance. How wrong is that?

rachelstephens Tue 10-Aug-10 23:34:08

whereabouts do you live, SG? do you know which schools you are likely to get into?

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