14 months old in Harlesden?

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Wallina Wed 30-Jun-10 09:59:00

Hello there - we are thinking of moving to Harlesden (10 mins' walk from Roundwood Park) with our 14 month old daughter, from West London. We really like it - but our real concern is to get it right for her. Do you know of any good playgroups/nurseries/parents' groups/child oriented activities in that area? What are your experiences? Thank you!

JellyM Thu 01-Jul-10 19:29:56

Hello, I live pretty close to Roundwood park and have 2 boys, 7 and 3. The park is fab, especially in the summer and they hold quite a few events there with kids activities, ie Brent Respect festival and last summer they had a brent playscheme there every saturday with free access to bouncy castles, painting etc. Around Harlesden there are a couple of toddler groups that I know of - one held at the salvation army on Monday and Thursday which my eldest used to go to when he was a baby and my youngest still goes to every now and again. As I work I dont really know of any others but the one stop shop in the library should be able to give you a list. There is also the Willesden Sports centres which is really close the park with a huge pool and baby pool and they have splash sessions - I think they also have a soft play in there aswell. As for Harlesden there are plenty of shops around the transport links, bus, rail, tube and road are all pretty good.

Let me know if you have any more questions and I will try and help out

rasberryjam Wed 02-Nov-11 13:16:17

Hi there,

I realise these posts are now quite old but as I am thinking of moving to harlesden I was hoping you both might have some advice. Wallina did you move to harselden in the end?

I have a 1 year old and an 8 year old. My daughter will stay at her school off the Harrow road but I am wondering about nurseries and primary schools for my youngest (son). We are looking to buy, ideally as a close to the park as possible but it may take us some time to find the right place. Any suggestions as to nicest part/roads and the general sense of community round there? Also any idea bout best secondary schools?

Thank you!

Any advice would be great.

Wallina Sat 30-Jun-12 22:36:42

Gosh, yes, we did move - I'm sorry, I've logged on so infrequently that I've only just seen your messages... Apologies to both... Currently DD is at Nicoll Road Nursery School and we are in a quandary over primaries... if any of this is at all relevant or of use do write back and I promise to check!

taklimanaj Fri 01-Apr-16 08:07:09

Hi walina , I am also moving to garnet road in few weeks but as well as worried , how is life there?

chibella Thu 03-Aug-17 00:03:27

ladies check out st michael nursery there are 4 branches around harlesden. i find the one by the jubilee clock the best.

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