Beat the credit crunch in Brent!

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MsBoo Wed 12-Nov-08 22:26:28

Hello - your local Tsarina here again.

'Tis (almost!) the season to be merry so thought it was about time that we had a list of fabulous festivities happening in Brent.

Have a look at the new 'What's on for Christmas' section of the home page for latest news on Christmas fairs, bazaars and other events.

If you know of anything Christmassy taking place near you, please add it to the list or post some basic details here and I'll do my best to find out more.

Ms Boo x

Soprana Mon 06-Oct-08 19:31:04

Ta for that MrsBoo, we'll check it out.

MsBoo Sun 05-Oct-08 14:02:03

Hello - your local Tsarina here again.

I'm never one to ignore a good sale so thought I'd pass on some news to any Brent bargainistas out there.

The lovely kids' shop Humla in Hampstead is closing this Thursday (9 October) after many years.

When I popped in on Saturday, they still had a range of nice clothes, toys, games, lunch boxes etc, many now half price. Address is 13 Flask Walk, Hampstead, London, NW3 1HJ.

Happy bargain hunting!
Ms Boo x

MsBoo Sun 20-Jul-08 23:04:58

Hello - your local Tsarina here.

Summer hols are almost upon us so thought it might be useful to get a thread going on the best free things to do in Brent.

Here are some of DD's favourites to start the ball rolling:
1) Queen's Park paddling pool: Water. Fountains. Ice cream for afters. Toddler heaven.
2) Brent Museum @ Willesden Green Library: Great interactive displays and hands-on activities based on Brent history (not as dull as it sounds - honest!). Kids can play shop in an old-fashioned grocer's, dress up in period clothes and watch vintage film footage.
3) Welsh Harp Reservoir: Feed the ducks, have a picnic then hit the playground - and just a stone's throw from Brent Cross!

What's the best free stuff in your bit of Brent? Looking forward to finding some new places to go/things to do!

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