1st Time Mums - I know you are out there!

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Raycharles Sat 12-Apr-08 15:02:05

I am Rachel, a first time mum with a three month old little fat girl. I would love to meet up for a cuppa tea with anyone who is looking for a pal in the same position with a baby born around the same time. Finding it difficult to meet people as I didnt do the whole NCT thing. How about you? In my previous life I was a film editor and I have an american husband and a cat. Going to the movies every week with the baby - love it. Please write you lot, I know you are out there. hmm

lennypie Wed 23-Apr-08 17:18:46

Hi Raycharles, I a 1st time mum with a 2 month old girl and 2 cats, living in kensal rise. I didn't do the nct thing either.
I am stuggling to remember my previous life but I am sure that i had one...wink
where do you go to the movies?

Raycharles Mon 02-Jun-08 12:47:59

Hi, Lennypie
good to hear from you
am just going off to Gracelands for a coffee
I go to the movies anywhere, went to see Iron man yesterday at the O2 centre in FInchley Road - if you go to the earlier screening, there is hardly anyone there and my baby feeds and sleeps through the movie anyway.
Have you been to the singing at Kilburn library on Salusbury rd on thursdays at 10 am - its a bit mad but quite good.

beansprout Mon 02-Jun-08 20:07:01

I didn't do the NCT thing either!

There is a parents and babies walking group that meets up at Roundwood Park on Tuesdays at 10.30am. Meet between the cafe and the leedle bandstand. smile Walk around for an hour (and natter) and then go to the cafe (and natter some more).

lennypie Thu 12-Jun-08 15:17:52

Sounds good Beansprout, might give it a go...also I will try the music which sounds fun Rachel.
I have been to the cinema now, at the electric, but she hated it, so much so I had to leave! I have not been brave enough to try again since then.
Fancy a coffee in gracelands or QP Ladies?

beansprout Fri 13-Jun-08 21:08:17

I'm up for that. smile

Anyone else?

suzkit Tue 09-Sep-08 15:34:02

Hi Non NCT first time mums... Are you still out there?

My girl is fast approaching six months and after a slow start, we would love to get social in the Queen's Park area.

Is anyone interested in starting some knitting of baby clothes? I got into it when I was pregnant last winter and it is now the time of year to resume. Not an expert by any means but can help getting started.

PurlyQueen Tue 23-Sep-08 22:44:50

Hi - I live in the area and I'm always up for coffee in QP or Roundwood!
I am also handy with two needles smile

beansprout Wed 24-Sep-08 18:32:17

I like the name!! (This is Theo's mum btw!! smile)

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