...seems awfully quiet in here...

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Soprana Sun 16-Dec-07 21:32:52

.... are there any Brent mummies lurking??
poke your heads above the parapet and say hi if you are!

deckthehallswithgeekymummy Wed 19-Dec-07 20:29:33

hi! smile

PurlyQueen Sun 23-Dec-07 23:08:28

hi! I live in deepest Dollis Hill

Soprana Fri 04-Jan-08 16:00:30

Oooh not far from me - Cricklewood.
Are you Gladstone Park regulars? Karmarama Cafe???

Raycharles Tue 08-Apr-08 09:31:49

I am here! Queens park with a 3 month old - anyone in a similar pickle and need a cuppa tea in the park? hmm

beansprout Mon 02-Jun-08 20:04:01

Hi!! I'm near Roundwood Park with a 4 month old!! smile

Cuppa tea would be fab!

Mammamoo Sat 07-Jun-08 22:54:55

I see so many mums out & about I can't believe it's so quiet on here! I'm in Harlesden with a 10.5 month old

Soprana Mon 09-Jun-08 19:10:59

By my reckoning, at one message every six or so weeks, we should manage a meet up around next Easter...

At the time of my first post, my now one year old was six months - she'll be drawing her pension soon!

Yeyeayo Fri 05-Sep-08 20:35:27

Wow, it is quiet in here. Erm - bit late but only just noticed this area. Two kids - eldest by far it looks like though - 11 and 3.5

Soprana Sat 06-Sep-08 23:41:32

yeyeao - you've got a 'no emails' setting on your profile.. I really want to meet up with other mums... change your profile so we can get in touch?

suzkit Tue 09-Sep-08 15:26:40

Mum of six-month-old baby girl now ready to get out and about in Queen's Park. Anybody free for a cuppa?

beansprout Tue 09-Sep-08 15:49:03

I am! Have a 7mo boy. Eldest is in nursery so am free on Mon, Tues and Thursdays. smile

Yeyeayo Sat 27-Sep-08 17:53:16

Sorry Soprana!
Only just saw this blush
I have changed my settings now, so you can contact away grin

lamamma Wed 05-Nov-08 17:32:40

Message withdrawn

docket Wed 05-Nov-08 17:46:09

I'm in Kensal Rise and would be up for a cuppa!

Queen's Park/Roundwood Park/Gracelands all good for me!

lamamma Wed 05-Nov-08 18:33:22

Message withdrawn

firstimeforeverything Wed 23-Feb-11 12:00:11

Hello - can I please reactivate this thread?? Can't believe there are no baby groups around Gladstone Park/Dollis Hill, would anyone like to start one with me? Nothing formal, more along the lines of a stroll and a cuppa at Karmarama Cafe.

First timer with a ds, just under 5 months.

goofman Thu 24-Feb-11 17:56:23

I live in Willesden Green near Gladstone Park and I'm thinking do we stay and have babies here - are there enough mums out there and are the state schools reasonably good? We love our house and have lived in the area for years but it seems to be that once people have kids they move away. Is this true or are any of you out there?

firstimeforeverything Thu 24-Feb-11 21:06:03

We're in much the same position - everyone seems to move to Queens Park or Kensal Green or further afield once kids are of school age, but I love Gladstone Park .

AnnaRH Fri 03-Feb-12 11:01:54

Has anyone started a baby group near Gladstone Park? Dollis Hill? Neasden? I have a six month old daughter and don't know any local mums.

chycki Thu 19-Apr-12 22:56:47

Hi there. We are considering moving back to the UK this summer to out flat in Willesden Green and are looking at a senior school in Elstree, Herts for my eldest. Am I crazy to think NW2 to WD6 is a commutable distance?? Any feedback would be much appreciated...

Newmummy2010 Tue 15-May-12 14:04:32

Mum of 2-week-old in Queens Park ready to get out and about and wants to meet other local mum's - anybody fancy meeting for a cuppa / stroll in the park? x

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