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popkorntv Wed 19-Nov-14 14:31:20

Popkorn TV ( is making a three-part series for Channel Five exploring challenging behaviour from children towards their parent/s. This series was commissioned by Channel 5 following the excellent response to a one-off documentary on this subject, called ‘My Violent Child’, that was broadcast in June.
The series will look at families who live with conditions and situations that lead to frustration, anger and confrontation between parents and children. It will explore the complex reasons why some children develop difficult relationships with their parents and become aggressive at home, along with the hurt experienced by both the children and their families. Where possible, we want to follow parents and children who are trying in whatever ways they can to resolve the conflict and get the help they need. This might be through working with groups, working within the family itself with the help of experts and/or working with any other relevant professionals.
We feel that it is important to build on the lessons that we have learnt from making the original film. We have realised that we need to allow more time in our schedule to see the positive results that can be achieved when families living with children with challenging behaviour start to receive help. We have therefore built a longer filming period into the schedule in order to allow more time for change to take place. To achieve this and to develop as strong a relationship as possible with our families we need to be in touch with people as soon as we can.
Popkorn has a reputation for tackling difficult subjects sensitively - their portfolio of work includes Channel 4’s ‘Living With My Stalker’, Channel 5’s ‘The Lost Orphan: Mirela’s Story’ and the ground-breaking Sky 1 series ‘Football Behind Bars’. We hope that through this series we will bring the taboo subject of increasing childhood aggression to mainstream attention by looking at the lack of support that families can feel as well as highlighting potential solutions to the problem. As you may know, child-on-parent violence is a subject that remains largely hidden and while it remains invisible many will suffer in silence. Our aim, with the help of the professionals who work with families and children who have challenging behaviour and aggressive outbursts, is to create a better understanding of what causes these problems. We appreciate that this isn't straightforward or easy work for anyone concerned and that families are extremely complicated environments in which to grow up, and also that there can be a number of reasons why children have challenging behaviour. We are committed to making a non-judgemental series that shows ways of resolving conflict positively so that there is an opportunity for recovery, love and healing. Our ethos and approach is to strive to produce programmes that have real meaning and a positive impact that helps to foster understanding and debate about the world in which we live.
I hope this gives you a clear understanding of what we are trying to achieve. I have also attached a copy of the letter that groups and organisations that work with families, I have been in contact with, have kindly been sending out for us. I am very happy to adapt this letter to your requirements if you would be prepared to send it out on our behalf. Please note that any calls we receive from families in response to our letters are strictly confidential and no one is obliged to take part just because they have contacted us. Also please feel to put in on social media.
thanks x

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