Would you move from W10 to NW10

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allmixedupreally Tue 02-Sep-14 21:39:30

Hi We are living in council accommodation in North Kensington W10 and have been offered a bigger property in NW10 Church Road - property itself is fine,better all round, But it is on an estate. We are at the moment on a quiet residential street.

I have 3 children and am also single parent so no partner to support us. Eldest attending uni and doesn't want to move to that area as he doesn't feel safe- He is quiet has friends he goes out with occasionally from uni and work. The other 2 are okish. I am not keen on area but realistic enough to accept it will be years before we get a bigger property where we are.

Dilemma is I have seen groups of young men hanging around the estate daytime so presume evening as well as in groups of about 20. This is what worried me - especially for my eldest!

Am I worrying unnecessarily and would you move?

Zinat Mon 24-Nov-14 15:31:08

bit late to this but I'd be nervous about moving there, esp from what you mention. Also I've heard there are gangs around church road. That ssaid, I live in Willesden and have never seen anything bad around here

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