Primary Schools in Labroke Grove

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belly2010 Wed 04-May-11 20:32:16

Would love to hear any information about Lloyd Williamson Primary School in Ladbroke Grove if you've heard of it. Looking for a down to earth independent school near Queens Park that wont cost the earth.

naty2010 Wed 17-Dec-14 14:03:59

Hi belly2010,
I am also hoping to place my daughter into this school. I went to have a look around 3 months ago.
My first impression of the school was, it has a family feel to it and the children look very happy and the principle was very friendly. One thing that I was a little concern about was the tidiness of the school and the admin staff could do with a slicker appearance. The school was recommended to me by a mother who sends her son to the school.
I must say am a little concern with the some of the post I saw on Mumesnet -confused

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