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firstimeforeverything Wed 23-Feb-11 12:09:33

Hi all,

Do any of you fancy coming together for a regular stroll around Gladstone Park for fitness/R&R/company? There doesn't seem to be a 'Pushy Mothers' group, but we could do the same sort of thing - but informal and ending up with coffee and a slice of cake .

Any takers? I have one LO, just under 5 months.

goofman Mon 07-Mar-11 08:41:12

Hi firsttimeforeverything!
I am pregnant and not due till November but wanted to reply as it seemed v sad no-one has replied to you yet. Where are the expectant and new mums in willesden green? If any of you are out there please answer!

EmaR7 Tue 08-Mar-11 21:42:49

Hello, I've been sat on the brent meet up post page. There is a walk around roundwood park, but if you want something more informal i'm up for that. My LO is now 5months.
When do you want to go?

firstimeforeverything Wed 23-Mar-11 10:23:44

Hello both! I'm sorry I haven't replied, I had given up hope a little bit!

I know there are lots of mothers with babies in WG but I never seem to see the babies out of the prams...I take my lo to the swings to watch the other kids, which he loves.

Emma, could you tell me more about the walk around RP? I'd love to come. And I'll try and find the brent meet up page, I must be being dappy about it.

goofman, there must be plenty of mums to be, but where to find them! When I was pregnant I was trying to start an active antenatal group in Dollis Hill because I needed to keep moving for medical reasons during my pregnancy, and I used to walk around Gladstone Park a lot. If you're local and fancy a walk I'd happily meet up, I can show you what a bundle of love you're expecting!

EmaR7 Wed 23-Mar-11 21:44:34


Sorry, is not a page it's another post, just had that post open. It happened on Monday, sorry, again maybe i should have pointed that out.

The RP walk happens every tuesday morning i think they meet at 10:30 at the cafe, again it's on the other page. I should have checked the details myself before writing this!

I am up for walking aroung Gladstone park though. It's only a 15min walk from me.

Don't give up hope. This board in general seems to run slowly, but the more people that keep replying to posts and creating new ones the more the board will come alive.


firstimeforeverything Thu 24-Mar-11 10:14:15


Well, I'd love a walk - how about next Friday?

EmaR7 Thu 24-Mar-11 16:18:05

He he.

Yeah next friday sounds good. Anytime is good for me, accept naptimes/mealtimes etc!!!

firstimeforeverything Mon 28-Mar-11 14:50:36

Lovely - well, we're fairly flexible, how about mid-morning, say meet at around 11? Just inside the main entrance off Kendal Rd, with the play area on your right. Let's hope this lovely weather sticks around!

EmaR7 Mon 28-Mar-11 23:28:00

Sounds good, yeah what's the betting it'll be the worst day of the week!
I have a blue pushchair, but can't say what i'll be wearing until i know what the weather will be like.

firstimeforeverything Wed 30-Mar-11 14:15:52

Don't worry, I don't expect you to plan in that much detail!! I've got a red and black buggy. Looking forward to it

firstimeforeverything Tue 12-Apr-11 20:57:03

Hi everyone, please feel free to post or PM about this, all are welcome to join!!

AnnaRH Thu 26-Apr-12 08:28:24

Is this group still active? Anyone still up for walks around Dollis Hill/Gladstone Park? I'd love to join.

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