Hairdressers Kilburn/Willesden

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Leee Sat 04-Dec-10 23:44:23

Hiya - Does anyone know a good toddler friendly hairdressers in the area?

My poor little boy keeps getting bad hair day cuts and I have tried 4 different places!!

ElmaH Tue 11-Jan-11 23:11:29

Geezers on Willesden High Road, opposite Sainsburys, is really good I think. Plus they give lollies at the end. £6 or £7 depending on who you get.
Good for boys, but don't know where I'll take my DD when she grows some hair!

CONNAN Mon 17-Jan-11 17:16:48

Great toddler hairdresser who is going to be a mum very soon Rachel on 07855751660

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