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EmaR7 Thu 11-Nov-10 11:35:35

My first LO is 5 weeks old and i'm looking for other mums in brent to meet up with for a coffee/tea and chat.

I'm in the willesden green area, but don't mind travelling a bit.
Anyone else out there interested?

ElmaH Thu 11-Nov-10 22:00:21

I've got a 3 wk old and 3yr old. Because of my 3 yr old I'm not really the best person to meet up with. You should go to local groups for Mum & Baby. Stay and Play in Children's Centre by Willesden library - Mon & Thurs afternoons. There's a baby section for under 15 month olds only. You'll meet people there. Or try the Friday morning baby cafe at Three Trees Childrens Centre in Queens Park. Get to local groups and you'll soon meet lots of people. There's hundreds of new mums in the area. If you meet someone you like, don't be afraid to suggest to meet up again. Good luck!

firstimeforeverything Wed 23-Feb-11 11:55:24

Hi Emma,

Did you have any luck at the WG library or Three Trees? I had my DS around the same time as you, and am starting to look at play groups for him.


EmaR7 Tue 08-Mar-11 21:50:48

Hi Jo,
Sorry been sat on the brent meet up page and not paying attention to anything else, even forgot i posted this!
Haven't made it to WG library group, as always busy when they're on or have been so busy don't have time to go to those as well. Been to three trees, think i'm a regular now at the thurs morn session. Gonna try out the tree tops too.
Have you tried any since posting?

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