Please will you support the Friends of the Earth Campaign on climate change - we need Bradford people to sign an e-postcard!

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linglette Thu 24-Sep-09 21:46:14

Hi I'm linglette mum of DS1 (6.5) and DS2 (4.1) and a mumsnet regular though have recently name-changed for unrelated reasons.

I'm in a local Friends of the Earth group and have volunteered to help in a campaign called "Get Serious". Basically we are asking our councils - Bradford Council in this case - to do more on Climate Change.

It's following up the successful campaign to have a Climate Change Act. We have the Act now saying we have to reduce carbon emissions but now we need to "Get Serious" on The three key aims are:
- to get the Council to commit to carbon emission cuts in the Bradford area of at least 40 per cent by 2020 and produce an action plan to show how it's going to happen.
- to ask the Council to back Friends of the Earth's campaign to make it easier for Councils to do things like improve public transport, insulate more homes and install green energy.
- Support a call for a new duty on councils that fail to act on climate change.

The Website where you can sign an e-postcard is at

Thanks so much - I hope someone signs up!
I'm up in Wharfedale and it can be easier to find people where I am but harder in Bradford and Keighley.

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