Hi mum to 8 months old looking for other mums in shipley/ greengates area

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hannahlouhoo Tue 18-Nov-08 14:51:08

i thought there would be more mumsnetters in bradford!!!

Moolie Thu 18-Jun-09 10:23:49

Hello hannahlouhoo. Are you still watching this thread?

I'm new on Mumsnet and I'm in your area with a child of about the same age (I also have a younger one too though). I see on your profile that you'd like to find people to chat to on a walk on sunny days like today.

Me too!

RoseBlossoms Fri 19-Jun-09 23:29:49

Hi I'm not hannahlouhoo anymore!! Still living in the shipley area tho. So you have two under two? I'm currently pregnant with no2! How are you finding it? I'm slightly terrified! Do you go to any groups in the area? There are some small nice ones!

You can email me if you like?

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