Parents of teenagers in Bingley

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Feelingthepressure Tue 25-Jan-11 20:17:27

Anyone interested in joining a group for parents of teenagers in the Bingley area?
I've got 2 teenagers and would like to chat / discuss / meet other parents of teenagers in the area. Would be great if we could start a group and maybe even meet up for chats?? Will check in later this week to see if there are any replies. smile

Feelingthepressure Sat 19-Feb-11 23:10:31

Oh dear, no replies! sad. Never mind might check again in about a month smile.

peachybums Tue 20-Sep-11 21:41:25

Know this is an old thread but i was telling my mum about this today and she was saying her and a few of her friends have a get together once a month, all have teenagers in Bingley (my sister is a LOT younger than me lol). Anyone still interested i could give details smile

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