problem with doctors

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lpl2 Sun 11-Nov-12 15:26:37

hi there, just wondering if anyone else has had problems with NHS services?
My daughter has developed a severe body rash and doctor has not offered a diagnosis, has not confirmed it's not contagious, sent us to A&E who ( 5 hours later) sent us back to docs as vital signs were ok!!! so they couldn't treat her as an emergency! Had to insist on a referal to a dermatoligist but 6 weeks till earliest appointment!!!!! Doc is also reluctant to do blood tests but reluctantly agreed to do in 2 weeks time?? meanwhile she has had this now for over a month, not getting better feeling rotten to say the least

beefspaceraider Sun 11-Nov-12 16:15:56

My ds has had a rash on and off for 10 months. We've been given countless creams, but as he's not fussed about it, and is otherwise fine, they don't really care.
Hope it's sorted soon

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