French or Spanish- your opinion?

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OyOfMidWorld Tue 01-May-12 17:46:26

Hello. Of the two languages I would suggest that Spanish might be a better option, if only because of the popularity of 'Dora the Explorer'. You might find that parents might want to foster the interest somewhat.

I might be interested but my little boy is only just 2 and I'm not quite sure how it would work. He speaks well for his age but doesn't watch Dora so a whole new language might be confusing?

If we were going to take part I think I'd probably prefer it to be on a drop-in basis rather than a course that you would sign up for. I'm not really sure how much I would expect to pay. Perhaps £5 a session? I would think it would be on a par with dance classes for that age group but I'm not really sure how much they cost. The timing of the sessions sound about right. Have you thought about contacting any of the Children's Centres or Nurseries and Daycare Providers? Some of them may be interested in running sessions or, certainly with the Children's Centres, may have suggestions on how to get up and running.

I'm in Farnworth, by the way.

lcfchris Sun 29-Apr-12 20:28:21

Hi, I'd like to start a French or Spanish club for young children in Bolton (pre-school or possibly younger) and just wanted some feedback really - is it something parents are interested in for their children? And how much would you expect to pay? If you're interested, can you say which part of Bolton you're in?
They would learn for about 30 mins (pre-school 3-4 yrs old) or maybe less for 2-3 yrs old, learning with songs, and games and stories once per week.
Thanks for any feedback.

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