Nursery/Pre-school in Fylde Area

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NewMoon Sun 04-Apr-10 12:43:25

Hi all and a Happy Easter!
I'm new to Mumsnet and live in Rossall. I'm wondering if anyone knows of any really good pre-schools for my little one who'll be starting for the first time in January 2011, when she's 3.
I'm thinking about any in Poulton, Thornton or Cleveleys.
I looked at Rossall last week and it was lovely, but a 'tad' expensive! Then I looked at Anchorsholme Pre-School and wasn't too impressed.
By the way does anyone know the difference between a nursery and a nursery school? Because the one at Anchorsholme calls itself a pre-school and yet there were no 'lessons' just play with all ages mixed together - now to me that's a nursery? Where as at Rossall there was a definate structure to the day, and the children were in classes of the same age. I'm Confused!
Huge thanks

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