so who are you all, who are your children ages etc.....

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glaskham Wed 03-Oct-07 19:40:53

just thought us local mummy's should kinda get to know each other a little batter- i would love to meet up with someone sometime too- but first things first, a little about me.....

i'm gemma, i am 22 years old, i am married to my darling husband denis, we've been together 5.5years and married 2.5yrs. we have a mortgage and love paying towards something unlike when we rented!! we live in layton, and i sometimes attend the grange park surestart toddler groups with my two monkeys!! i dont really know any other mums in the area who i can meet up with for a brew and a chat!!

i have 4 cats (got a new 8wk old kitten a couple of days ago) and 2 goldfish, if you cant tell i love pets.....

well thats my turn....anyone else??

mumzyof2 Fri 05-Oct-07 18:29:01

Hello, thought Id reply, as its always v quiet on here, but Im sure Im not the only one using it! Im Rebecca, 21, and I live in Garstang, so not Blackpool, but not a million miles away, and my partner has two children that live there. Have a two and a half year old son called Alex, and Im 12 weeks pregnant with number two. We too have a mortgage, bought a newer, bigger house so that we could have my partners children over. I also love pets! I have three cats, and a Chihuahua puppy, and if I had it my way we'd get some rabbits, but Daves put his foot down!
So, how old are your children?

glaskham Sat 06-Oct-07 11:51:45

declan is going to be 3 in december and bethany is very nearly 18mths!! they grow so fast!!

wow- 3 cats and a puppy!!! we used to have rabbits that we rescued from the neighbour abandoning them when she moved!! but they all died within a week of each other, vet thought they must have had a virus of infection from being neglected!! - some people knock me sick!!! and i was left with a £200 lot of hutch and run to get rid of!! if i'd kept if i'd have had more in no time!!! i desperatly wanted a puppy but fell in love with our new kitten, though i was told he was litter trained when i got him and he's not so i think i may have to re-home him already which is really upsetting me, but i dont have the time for training him when i have two little ones running round the house!!!

my great grandma used to live in garstang, you know the firestation in the centre of town? near booths? she lived in the house next to there....she's just had to sell recently though as she's getting very ill. was gutted myself as i always loved that house, always reminded me of my great grandad who died when i was 9.....

god- i've babbled- but i suppose thats me!!- never shut up!!! haha.....

how's your pregnancy going? i loved being pregnant second time round, i knew exactly what to expect etc, and it was a perfect pregnancy and labour......kinda want to put her back sometimes still!!!! haha- only kidding!!

mumzyof2 Sat 06-Oct-07 15:41:04

Hiya, yep I know the ?irestation, its not there anymore, its a block of flats. Wow, that was a while ago. I used to live just 5 minutes walk from there, but moved to Catterall in February, its just down the road.
Oh, sorry about your kitten, Im sure he/she'll get the hang of it, Im a (half) trained vet nurse, but still cant be any help to you! grin
Our chihuahua (Oscar) isnt trained either. He's 9 months old and does what the hell he likes! My partner (Dave) is trying with him, but I think the dogs brain is just too small to understand! And he hates going outside, I think its because hes so small. I think theres a picture of him on my profile, you should have a look.
Pregnancies going ok, was extremely tired at the beginning, Im sure Dave thought I was putting it on a bit, (but only when I wanted a brew!!), it seems to be taking a bigger toll on my body than last time which I wasnt expecting.
Anyway, nice to hear that you're married, you're braver than me!

mumzyof2 Sat 06-Oct-07 15:41:41

I meant firestation, not the made up word that I wrote wink

glaskham Sat 06-Oct-07 18:14:40

oh yeah....last time i visited i think it was being turned into flats actually..... i'm married cuz it gets me what i want!! haha!! i tend to pull the 'but i'm your wife' thing a fair bit!!!

second pregnancies do take it out of you more- remember you do have a LO already to be running around after- you didn't have that last time!!!

mumzyof2 Sat 06-Oct-07 19:18:06

True, im pulling the - "but im pregnant..." whine at the minute! grin
So what do you get up to? Do you work or anything? I dont, having a child made me lazy work-wise!

glaskham Sat 06-Oct-07 19:21:25

i'm a full-time mother... i'm a qualified hairdresser but i'm just enjoying being with my kids at the moment!! how about you?

mumzyof2 Sat 06-Oct-07 19:33:10

I dont do anything. I used to work at a health farm in the kitchen for three and a half years. Iv never had time for a full time job really. I did my A-levels (which was a complete waste of time sad straight after high school. That was at blackpool sixth form, then I started training to be a veterinary nurse (animals are my thing) at Myerscough college, but got pregnant half way through, but kept it quiet incase they didnt want pregnant people working with animals, then did my exams, then had to leave because I was 4 months pg. I was going to go back last year and finish it off, but decided that id really rather have another baby, and id like my childrens ages to be pretty close together, so thats what I did. This is coming from somebody that never wanted children!

glaskham Sun 07-Oct-07 10:18:55

what did you do at sixth form? my sister goes there....though i suppose she's a year or so younger than you so you'd probs not know her? chantelle fisher? i live just round the corner from the sixth form though!! i never really had time for a 'real' job before having the kids, i qualified on the job as a hairdresser, and my bosses were awful, and at 16 they left me to run their bussiness when they went on holidays!!! it was very good experience for me, but they took me for granted!!! though saying that i'm silly and still go to them for my hair done!!! haha!! then i left and worked at macdonalds (intended to stay there while looking for another better salon job) for 3mths before finding out i was pregnant, decided to stay so i got maternity, but then decided not to go back, fell pregnant 7mths after having my son and then still here, a housewife and mother who does not much else but sit on the pc, and cleanign and cooking and changing dirty nappies!!! what a wonderful life!!!!

glaskham Sun 07-Oct-07 10:21:13

sorry, said my sister goes there but she doesn't anymore, meant to say wnet there!!

mumzyof2 Sun 07-Oct-07 12:45:05

Hiya, I went to Blackpool sixth form 4 years ago so I probably wont have crossed paths with your sister, it may have been more likely if I went there! grin but my attendance was pretty bad, too much like school for me. I did Biology, English Language, Sociology and General Studies. Please dont ask me my grades! Terrible, just bloody awful! shock
But anyway, I enjoy my life, Im free to come and go as I please, never have to be anywhere, work-wise, and its good. It gets a bit boring, especially with all my friends at Uni (bloody brain boxes), and seeing as Im not one for going clubbing and stuff, I dont see a masive amount of them anyway. They go clubbing all weekend, every weekend, I like a quiet drink in a pub, too boring for them, but that must be the mum in me!
And Daves at work a lot, whick put a stop to my lie-ins, as he cant drive so I have to get him there for 9 a lot of mornings.

glaskham Sun 07-Oct-07 18:03:52

aww- well i'm pretty much the same, met a few good friends after having my son, but they all live in fleetwood and since i've moved to blackpool i only see them once a month or so for a 'toddler run around session'!! basically take them somewhere they can play and we can natter!!! haha!! we dont go out clubbing either, had to be paying rent and bills at 18 so just lost the freedom of money to be going out every weekend!!

mumzyof2 Sun 07-Oct-07 20:28:20

True, its never been my thing. I moved ou of home at 17, and have always had more to worry about with money than my friends. Were good now though, but would still rather have a quiet drink at home or in a pub than go out clubbing, my idea of hell. Anyway, going to go for a bath now, because I took Alex on a two and a half mile treck in the hills today, and got covered in more cow poo than I anticipated! shock

glaskham Sun 07-Oct-07 21:08:07

wow, sounds like you had fun!!! thats where i'd love to be able to drive myself or be closer to the country!!! i love rambles like that!!!

this is turning into a personal thread for me and no-one else going to share themselves with us????

my kitten went to a new home today sad i just couldn't cope cleaning all his sh1t off my carpets, my house was stinking of cat wee and poo!! still does as its not had enough time to re-cover!! think i'll need one of those carpet cleaner things!!! my god..... i miss the cat, but not the mess by a long way!!!!

i moved out of home pretty soon after leaving school, think it was a week after my 16th birthday, didn't get on with my dad too well- but once i moved out we have got the best relationship now.....shame we are so alike we clash!!!

what high school did you go to? i went to st aidans, i think i'd be a year above you school-wise.....

anyway i better get off and get a quick soak before hubby gets back from football and hogs the tub!!!

mumzyof2 Mon 08-Oct-07 10:48:39

Hiya, I went to Garstang High, rubish school, really hope Alex doesnt go there.
I dont know where everybody is, Iv got Blackpool, Preston and Lancaster down as my local sites, but nobody really goes on any of them I dont think.
Oh dear, poor cat, and carpets grin , weve got one of the Vax carpet cleaners, it was a God-send at first, but when we moved in here, there was a brand new cream carpet in the living room, and with 3 cats, a dog, and a two year old, it didnt stand a chance so we had to replace it - carpet cleaner got used so much its not so fantastic now!
Yep we went on a long walk yesterday, me, Alex and the dog, I was banking on there being quite so many puddles full of cow poo, and the last one surrounded the gate we had to go through, and Alex thought it'd be fun to jump in it and cover us all, it wasnt pretty.

mumzyof2 Mon 08-Oct-07 10:49:47

Oops, - meant to be "I wasnt banking", not "was".

glaskham Wed 17-Oct-07 14:09:22

ooh....not been too well recently...sickness bug, then both kids got conjunctivitis (sp??) dont take offence that its taken so long to reply!!! haha!!

ooh....did you know someone called abigail dickinson at your school?...she went to my school but moved to yours in the last year though, not sure if she'd have been the year above you though, also a friend of me and my dh's went there too, peter scott, year above again i think!!!

mumzyof2 Mon 12-Nov-07 17:45:25

Hello! Im sorry iv not been on here for SO long, weve had a crazy few weeks. Weve decided to sell the house and get one with another bedroom, so weve put it up for sale, but only had one person round so far. im panicking because i dont want to be moving house when im nearly due, or with a baby. anyway, iv not been on here for ages because we got wireless broadband, and cancelled tiscali, and as usual, things dont work properly, and iv not had the internet for weeks, but here i am now.
oh, I felt the baby kick for the first time yesterday, so im all excited about it coming, but still have AGES to wait! doesnt it drag more with yout 2nd?
So how are things your end? i hope your children are ok?
Sorry again.

glaskham Sat 08-Dec-07 13:54:20

god- i missed this one!!! haven't been on much eaither myself with kids full of colds/bugs etc!! and all the xmas shopping!!- exiting you felt your first kick!!- i felt it did drag up till about 32 weeks, then it was only 6wks till she arrived but it felt like 6 days!!!- i didn't really make the most of it at all!!!

since i last spoke to you we got a puppy but declan was allergic so we can never have a dog again!! ....i still miss her now, we had her for 2 weks before we found her a new home, and she was ever so lovely!!

declan starts nursery on 16th jan too!!! so that should be exiting!! and on the 1st feb i start the ball rolling on becoming a surrogate mother for my friend. so lots going on....oh and its declans 3rd birthday 2 weeks yesterday (21 dec)- thats come round ever so fast!!

are you ready for xmas? any plans on when you're moving and where to? far are you now then? exiting!!

mumzyof2 Mon 10-Dec-07 14:39:57

Hiya, 16th January? Thats my birthday!
Alex is 3 on the 23rd December, so very close to Declans! In too close to xmas for my liking, but at least i can do all his xmas and birthday shopping at once!
What type dog did you get? You dont have much luck with pets, do you? smile
We got two more puppies, a little Chihuahua and a little Pug, so weve got three puppies and three cats now! Its very hard work. Were still trying to house train the dogs, but they seem to be doing ok.
We havnt found a house yet. We did see one, but its been sold. I loved it, I was devestated when it was sold! We want to move somewhere quiter. Its quiet here, but we want to live in the country. Our house still isnt sold, apparently not many people are looking near Christmas.
Wow, surrogacy, thats fantastic! Id love to do something like that for somebody. What does your husband think about it?

glaskham Tue 11-Dec-07 17:17:31

he's really supportive of what i want to do, he gets on well with my friend and her husband, she's bethany's godmother, so very close to me....we cant wait to get started to be honest- its all very exiting....then there's a chance we may have a 3rd once we've had a baby for them....

our dog was a staffy, she was the cutest ever, very good, very loving, sat on my knee all day sleeping!! was great with the kids, and the cats, was housetrained within 3 days!!- i was in tears when she left....but we have ruled out any more pets for good now!!- the 3 cats we have are brilliantly behaved and declan is allergic to dogs so thats that!!

shame no-ones looking at your house yet, but i'm sure once xmas is over people will be looking again, i wouldn't want to be going through the buying process at this time of year!! we started buying ours just after xmas. were actually looking at a 5bed house in skelmersdale and if its not sold after xmas we may start thinking about making an offer!!

strange our boys are so close together in age!! i thought declans birthday was too close to xmas but the 23rd would have been too much for me!! i was out of hospital on the 22nd and that was too close to xmas for my liking!! though its scary that he'll be 3 soon....less than 2 weeks away now!!

right better go and start making some tea!!

mumzyof2 Fri 14-Dec-07 22:00:52

Ooh, a third baby? Thats lovely. I want a few children, 4 I think, but I want to leave a bigger gap between the third and fourth, then I can have one last shot of having a baby, without any toddlers to look after, but, since when has anything ever gone to plan??!

Yep, 23rd December, I was out of hospital on Christmas Day, but no danger of that this time round. I made a promise to myself never to start trying for a baby during March!
Everybodies ill here, Alex cant shift his cold and cough, its keeping him up all night, and now daves been off work, because hes caught some kind off sickness bug, thats going round. Apparently the doctor told him it just seems to be people that have had the cold that are catching it. Its a sickness infested house, im sure!
Skelmerdale, thats quite a way away isnt it? Dont you like Blackpool?

glaskham Mon 17-Dec-07 09:49:02

no i like blackpool, my family are only in fleetwood so only a short bus trip away if denis is working.... but we can get much more for our money there, and its the same distance for denis to work as it is from here....if not a bit shorter....

our two had their colds and bugs about 2 weeks ago so i'm hoping thats them done and dusted before xmas....though i have a knack for coming down with something on xmas eve and being full of it on xmas day!!

right we're off to the library and to get some food....

have a nice xmas and happy birthday for alex on the 23rd if i dont get on here before!! xxx

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