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sarahmc1983 Wed 25-Sep-13 20:22:12

Well - this is probably a bit early but just letting all you fab Blackpool mummies know about an event on Friday 24th Jan 2014!

As a mum of two, I got a bit sick to the back teeth of hearing about celebrity mums and mums with personal trainers and nannies blah blah blah - so I decided to hit the cheesecake instead of the gym, and organise a night off for REAL mums in our area.

Its being held at Blackpool Football Club, 7pm-10pm on Friday 24th Jan 2014 and we have everything from beauty treatments, naughty but nice treats, lingerie, tarot readings, body goodies, jewellery, gifts as well loads of info on offer from the college and sexual health.

There's free exercise sample classes to join in (to burn off the cupcakes, popcorn and chocolate on offer!) from zumba to self defence to burlesque. Entertainment from the fabulous "Gold Dust" as well as a couple of cheeky naked butlers and a bar.

We also have a prize draw with some brilliant prizes up for grabs.

Its all about mums feeling good about themselves and having a damn good time!

Tickets are £5 on the door which includes free samples and demos, free exercise sessions, free parking, entry into the prize draw and possibly a free pinch of a sexy butlers bottom (surely that sells the whole event ha ha!)

feel free to comment or make any suggestions!

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