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Blackpoolheights Mon 03-Dec-12 18:35:12


This page is for any Mumsnetter who would like to meet other Mumsnetters in their local area for support or friendship.

It's for new mums who would like to chat to a more experienced mum. It's for older women whose own families don't live by them and would like to offer some 'granny' type support. It's for mums and dads who just want to meet someone for a coffee and a chat, or for someone who just wants to find a local running partner. In short, It's for everyone looking for some support or company, and anyone who just wants to make a new friend.

Please feel free to jump right in and post.

KaylaM Wed 30-Jul-14 09:39:22

Gran/ auntie wanted for my 4 (nearly 5) year old daughter and 7 month old boy.

As I'm originally from Germany my family is far away although my mum visits as much as possible it's just not the same as having someone close by and my children miss her very much. We're not very close to my husband's family so we would love an "adoptive" gran or auntie! Thanld for reading this

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