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user1493272453 Thu 27-Apr-17 10:27:56

Hello, sorry if this has already been covered but I have a few questions and hope someone can help.
I have lived in Sutton Coldfield all my life, currently in the new hall area. We are moving to a new house and have seen a house we love in Sunnybank road in boldmere / wylde green area. According to Rightmove, it is outside the catchment area for the two closest schools (0.4miles from boldmere & wylde green) but inside the newly expanded Maney Hill! So my question is this, does anyone currently live in or around sunnybank and has received school places at boldmere, wylde green or maney? I have read articles about there being a catchment area 'black hole' in the B73 postcode where kids miss out on their nearest schools and get offered schools a few miles away. Is this a real problem in that area or is it a rarity with the articles online a little out of date?!! I love the house but the schooling situation makes me feel nervous. I have a 2 year old & one on the way!

Thanks in advance

Tinkleybison Thu 27-Apr-17 17:17:56

My mum lives really close to there. I believe it's a real problem still, but if Maney Hill has expanded and you can get in, that's supposed to be a great school. Have friends with dc very happy there.

Wyndlry Thu 27-Apr-17 18:56:39

I would put school order as maney hill, boldmere then Wylde green. All good schools and I would expect you would get one of them no problem.

BillyBollyBrum Fri 28-Apr-17 14:08:31

Hi there

I'm on Sunnybank and DC go to Boldmere, it's always hit and miss on this road whether you get in or not. However, Maney is an excellent school, I wouldn't say the same about Wylde Green but that's going on hearsay I don't have a child that attends.

If you have any questions feel free to PM me smile

Flossiechops Sun 30-Apr-17 06:55:49

My dc both went to Boldmere and are now at Plantsbrook. Last year there was a huge issue for secondary school places for my sons year (luckily he got a sibling place due to dd getting in the year prior). If it were me looking to buy a house with school aged dc I would only consider buying one comfortably in the catchment for both primary and secondary..

Maney has a reputation for being a very good school and I would have no hesitation in sending mine there.

Flossiechops Sun 30-Apr-17 06:58:07

Sorry in reply to your question. Yes that central area around Station Rd, Vesey Rd, Sunnybank etc was in the past a black hole (I know of families who were offered schools well out of catchment a few years ago). That said since Maney increased its intake it has taken in as far as there. I am not sure I would risk being on the edge of a catchment though if I had a choice.

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