Kings Heath or King David Primary

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HopefulNavigator Tue 27-Sep-16 12:09:36

I'm new to the area and on the waiting list for the above as the closest schools. They don't regularly do school tours, so it's hard to get an inside feel of the school. Any input or experiences? I do prefer smaller schools and Kings Heath seems very big. Also would prefer a more 'academic' school as Ds is this way inclined.
thank you in advance.

DrXandsNewDate Tue 27-Sep-16 12:38:46

Both my children attend Kings Heath Primary. They love it. Both are academic. Whilst it's bigger than some primary schools, this has only been a positive thing for my children who love that there are children outside of their class that they can play/socialise with. The playground vibe for parents is very relaxed and is welcoming to newcomers. It's a great school. If I had my time again I would choose it again in a heartbeat.

KingsHeathen Tue 27-Sep-16 16:13:57

I think it depends what your child needs really.
King David is a smaller school.
KH was too big for my DD.

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