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Katiepotts87 Sun 15-May-16 17:15:26

Hi all! I'm moving to Birmingham shortly, have narrowed the area we're moving to to kings Heath or moseley. No kids yet, but planning shortly, so good primary school is a must! I wondered which areas people enjoyed living in most? Is it good for community feel? We'll be starting completely a fresh so there being a community we can become part of is important. Any tips would be great. There doesn't seem to be much on the market at the moment...if anyone is considering putting a 3/4 bed up for sale, with parking please let me know...but mainly just want to know what your preference between kings Heath and moseley is. Thanks, KP

KingsHeathen Wed 18-May-16 14:26:53

What is your budget? Are you looking at state or independent schools for when you have children?

Katiepotts87 Wed 18-May-16 15:01:53

Hi, up to 400 we're looking at, would be sending them to state. Thanks!

KingsHeathen Wed 18-May-16 18:23:40

Where are you moving from, what kind of vibe does it have? Both Moseley and KH have great feeling, but they're quite different smile
Though, would say that many people that would have chosen in Moseley 20 years ago would live in KH now because of price.
KH has great parks, lots of shops, more high street types, and charity shops, but also some really good independent shops, on York Rd and Poplar Rd in particular.
Do you have a faith at all? (Thinking ahead to schooling)
Do you want a big garden,or something smaller and more manageable?
Are you drivers or walkers? Where will you need to get to for work?

KingsHeathen Wed 18-May-16 18:24:54

Also, are you a fan of grammar schools at 11, or only looking at comprehensive? Just so I can see which schools fit your ethos more.

PrincessPurple Wed 18-May-16 19:13:45

Did I imagine that schools were more tricky in Moseley? I have friends who are happy in the catchment of Kings Heath Primary and Colmore.

Nightmare for commuting to the city centre from that area though IMO.

Katiepotts87 Thu 19-May-16 09:12:45

We'd like to be close to coffee shops, restaurants, parks. Partner mainly works from home, will be heading to Derby a couple of days a week. We're making the move from London, prices are crazy here and we've both got family in the Midlands and want to live in a big city. Would be great for our kids to go to grammar if they can. We like places to be in walking distance, would love a big garden, but it's not a necessity, as long as we have space for a bbq. I'd say we're Christian, but don't go to church at the moment. Thanks for your help!

KingsHeathen Sun 22-May-16 21:37:03

Ok, well I can see why you're struggling- there's just not much of that size available at present!
This is ok, you'd get into Kings Heath Primary from here. Don't know how long it's been on the market I'm afraid. Or this, which is on a really, really nice road, again KH primary catchment.
I think 3 beds would be a better bet, particularly if you wanted Colmore (more academically orientated than KHP).
If you wanted Moseley CE (usually rated best primary in Birmingham) then you have to have a letter from the vicar confirming two years attendance at CE church, ordinarily St Mary's in Moseley, but St Anne's is OK, and I have known them accept All Saints KH previously. If you don't have that, you need to live within about 100 yards, though I think at present all places are going to siblings and church-goers. (houses that close at present are all £725k+)
KHP is a bit more hippyish than Colmore.
Woodthorpe and Wheelers Lane are ok too though, but Wheelers Lane, Colmore, and KHP are all v big- 3 or 4 form intake. Woodthorpe and Moseley are smaller.
You don't want anything that will give you Park Hill primary or Anderson Park primary, or Moor Green.

Both KH and Moseley will give you that vibrant cafe, shops, restaurants, bars experience tbh. KH is better on parks, however, Moseley private park is gorgeous- you pay an annual subscription to get a key, but you need to live in area.

I will say that getting up to Derby a couple of times a week is not going to be fun. It's about an hour and 10 mins when there's no traffic. I dread to think about times when the roads are busy- sometimes KH to Bham city centre can take 50 minutes at rush hour. There are no trains in either Moseley or KH.

Perhaps North Birmingham/Sutton Coldfield would be a better option? Somewhere like Four Oaks, for example?

PrincessKitKat Mon 23-May-16 20:22:36

KingsHeathen I was just coming on to ask if the OP had considered Sutton Colfield!

Great access to the park & a decent selection of high street shops, lots of nice pubs & restaurants and the right side of Birmingham for Derby. Im in four oaks & love the easy access to M6/M5/M42 for my work and it's on the cross city line for Birmingham City centre as well as Sutton and Lichfield for nights out or shopping.

I've no personal experience as my 2 are still tiny but I hear the primaries are all generally of a decent standard and Four Oaks has an excellent secondary (Arthur Terry) as well as being eligible to try for the grammar schools. There are some good nurseries too, although best ones get snapped up before the children are even born...!

Sorry to muddy the waters - I know that's not your original question but it does seem to tick all your boxes.

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