Been struck off Gp register but my kids are still registered.

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lukeymom Wed 06-Apr-16 13:37:44

I have been with my doctors since it first opened. It is a super Gp practice where several GPS are ajoined. My own gp retired after a year which was a shame. I have two children ,the youngest who is four had had whilst at this practice. The after care was good. The only thing I don't like about the place is that you have to wait for at least half hour to be seen sometimes an hour. On occasions patients have been forgotten and they've had to tell reception. Now what if a patient's really ill.Anyway, I only visited the surgery myself several times,mainly for midwife checkups and and getting my baby checked afterwards. I've also had two smear tests there. I have suffered mildly with asthma all my life.I had breathing problems when I was a child,I'd wheeze alot and found it hard to breath yet I was never diagnosed with Asthma. My younger brothers were and I used to use their inhalers if I felt ill. I suffered on occasions in my 20's too. By the time I was in my 30's it seemed to ease. It wasn't till I turned 40 that I decided to see a doctor about my wheezing. I had felt illl with wheezing again.I knew I had asthma and it was time I had a blue inhaler.So telling the doc,she firstly told me I probably haven't got it. I had a asthma check and she confirmed had it. She gave me a blue reliever and steroid inhaler. Anyway,I tried the steroid and it seemed to make me feel worse so did n' t use it. Whenever I phoned the practice to order a new inhaler I'd tell them I didn't need the steroid one and they would be surprised. Surely I should know if I needed it or not. I know how I feel. The practice use a phone service where you can speak to doctor or nurse and they can prescribe you with something .I done this a few times like if my kids were ill like a chest infection . I have taken them in a few other times though.I have also phoned for myself once and was prescribed antibiotics,the fact I had asthma I was a priority for antibiotics because of it getting worse. Anyway, now getting to the struck off part. Two years ago I changed my address. I was told to fill a form in at the reception ,which I did. Since then I had a letter to my old address for me to contact them for an asthma check. I phoned them up,told them I don't live there anymore.I also said I needed to order a new inhaler.They queried again why I didn't need a steroid inhaler,I said it made my wheezing worse,and I just needed a reliever and I feel fine. So the nurse accepted this and she issued me with another one.Said I didn't need to have a check up. As for the change of address,they told me to go to reception again and fill a form in.They said they probably lost the other one. So I did.
A few months ago I was ill with a chest infection,i felt I couldn't walk far and was wheezing.Incase it got worse I called the doctors to ask for antibiotics. I asked to speak to a doctor,the receptionist asked what it was for.I told her and said I wanted some antibiotics. Sorry she said,I can't have any,I have to see a doctor. I didn't feel well enough to get to the surgery and with my kids too. Then she said ,she sees I am not registered with them. She said I had been struck off. Asking why,she said they had sent me letters to my address and asking me to have asthma checks,and also smear tests but I have ignored them. At this point I was nearly crying ,to think they could do that when I needed help. Also I didn't get letters for smear tests.Also they only sent a letter to my old address about an asthma check.And I had phoned up about it. Also filling a form in two times about my change of address. I told them again of my address and she told me to go in with proof of my change of address and fill another form in to 're register with them.It would take two days. I was ill and wasn't up to .I felt really tearful and didn't bother.I feel they are just messing me about and getting things wrong and not helping me when I need it. So now a few months later I still have no Gp. I am ill again,I have been for 12 days now. I have a full blown chest infection.It is the school holidays,just as well.But I have two children to look after. My children have had colds but not that bad and are over it.Yet it's affected me really bad,and it don't seem to be going. It's got to the point now where my eyes are glued together and my mouth is full of sores. I think I have thrush in my mouth because it is white and really hurts to eat land drink.I'm really dehydrated too.Some days I don't have the energy to move.I have no help with my children. I need to be well to look after them .I have only been out two days and they go back to school soon. I know I need antibiotics but I can't have them. I feel I'm not seen as important. Can my children be on the doctors register without myself being included? Can they strike me off just like that. I need advice and feel I've been ill treated.

MNBirminghamLocalEd Thu 07-Apr-16 20:31:35

You poor thing, you sound like you need a hug.

Practically, you need to get yourself seen by a GP. Where's your closest walk-in surgery? Google will help if you don't know.

In the longer term, it sounds like you might still be happy to remain at your GP surgery? If so, is there anyone who can collect/deliver those forms for you so you can make an appointment?

Alternatively have a look at the NHS guidance for people who have been removed from their GP list:

I hope that helps a little. Meanwhile, cake and brew, and I'm sure the children won't mind if you let them watch a lot of TV whilst you recover.

Angelto5 Thu 07-Apr-16 20:45:37

Hi OP-I've had a similar happen.

My family (me ,dh & five dc) have been registered at the same surgery for 17 years & only rarely go but a few years ago I phoned to book my eldest dc an appointment (can't remember what for) to be told he wasn't registered! Upon asking them who was registered at our address there was just my dh & the other dc! Because me & eldest dc hadn't been seen for some time we had been struck off! The next time I was in the surgery I filled in some forms & we were put back on the list. They said it could of possibly been a computer error.

KingsHeathen Tue 03-May-16 22:11:17

It happened to me, south Bham practice. I wasn't impressed, as it was because I refused to make a smear appointment. I'm registered elsewhere now, still haven't had a smear, as they can never fit it in when I need to.

lukeymom Sun 22-May-16 09:05:08

Thanks for your replies,makes me feel a bit better knowing being struck off can happen for stupid reasons.I never thought they could do this. I got over my illness myself it took a long time.I still haven't got a gp, and am thinking of registering with somewhere else. KingsHeathen can you find your nearest well woman clinic for smear test?.This is what I'm considering.
I will check out the Nhs guidance as well thanks.x

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