Moving to Walsall?

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augenblick Wed 05-Aug-15 08:46:01

I'm 33 with two twin girls aged two and a half, and been offered a very good job in Walsall area with a salary we could actually all live off (hooray). We've been scraping by in the SE for so long it's not funny, and twins really do blow your finances in interesting ways. And the finances weren't that great to start with.

Their dad would be happy to be stay at home at least medium term with them. We'd be moving from quite a Naice place, but we aren't that fussy, I've lived in Wakefield and Peckham before it was 'Peckham village'. I don't want to be broken into every three weeks, but the thought of spending £600 quid a month on rent instead of the grand we are at the moment is like a miracle in West Midlands form.

Is Walsall really as bad as some horrible internet threads seem to say? It looked nice, a bit knackered, but everyone was SO nice to me when I went for the interview. I really liked it. There are places in Bloxwich too which look ok. This way we could save a bit of money and possibly buy somewhere in a year?

So mumsnetters, tell me the truth, either because you know or have a crystal ball, how will this work out? Where would you recommend? Help.

twentyten Wed 05-Aug-15 08:49:59

Hi. Walsall is pretty grim! Aldridge and Sutton are the nicest areas- schools. Chose carefullysmile

Only1scoop Wed 05-Aug-15 08:53:49

Walsall is grim
Bloxwich is pretty grim
Alridge Pelsall and Great Wyrley are ok.

600 pounds a month won't get you much though.

augenblick Wed 05-Aug-15 09:15:49

Well - 600 was the bottom end - but up to 750 would work.

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