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traudf01 Wed 15-Jul-15 23:46:00

Can anyone please recommend any childminders/nurseries in the Bournville / Cotteridge areas? Looking for March 2016. TIA

MNBirminghamLocalEd Thu 16-Jul-15 10:14:30

I've already replied to your Facebook post but I'll repeat here for anyone else who's interested.

Hopscotch (St Francis Centre) is lovely, relaxed and happy, with 4 long-term, very experienced and sensible nursery staff.

Selly Oak Nursery is excellent but has a full-on curriculum which won't suit every child.

Little Pixies (Beaumont Road) is popular and well thought-of.

These are all termtime only though. Foundations (Elim Church, Tiverton Road, Selly Oak) is full time, and a happy place. The Oaks is good (although I thought the staff very young when I looked around).

There are good childminders around but they are usually booked up well in advance.

March 2016 is a distance away yet, so keep asking parents in playgroups/ playgrounds - people are usually more than happy to share their experiences. And you can always phone up and get an appointment to look around - your gut feeling is usually pretty dependable. Hope that helps smile

I realise this is all a bit Bournville-centric. Anyone have any info on Cotteridge nurseries?

PrincessPurple Thu 16-Jul-15 11:06:07

There's a nursery on Northfield Rd but we didn't like it when we looked around. That's four years ago so worth another look.

I hear good things about First Steps Rathkelly (sp?) on the Bunbury Rd.

We use The Oaks in Selly Oak which is excellent. I disagree that the staff seem young - it's a really good mix I think including a couple of men who are wonderful. Many of them are degree qualified in Early Years and they employ a teacher to oversee the curriculum.

I don't know the xhildminder scene t all as everyone I know uses one of the nurseries that have already been mentioned.

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