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Sheldor27 Fri 01-May-15 22:57:24

Can anyone recommend a good childminders or nursery in the Sutton Coldfield and surrounding area

BillyBollyBrum Mon 11-May-15 20:13:15

Hi there

Trinity in Sutton centre is good, Little Ripley has a good reputation but a waiting list although there were places at the Withy Hill site I think.

There are lots listed on, I would steer clear of Angels and Seesaws on the experience of my friends, and I didn't like Bush Babies. general standard of care around here is very good though.

Sheldor27 Mon 11-May-15 21:11:14

Thanks billybollyburn. Have you any idea of Smart start on Chester road?
Trinity had a satisfactory Ofsted so that put me off.

My child is quite young only one year old so want to get recommendations for a good one. Thanks so much

BillyBollyBrum Wed 13-May-15 11:28:12

Trinity has just gone up to a good - I am biased I send my DS there and my 2 DD's went before him. If you look at the satisfactory report they said that the children were emotionally well cared for, but they were marked down for not letting the children pour their own drinks. I kid you not.

DS is 1. It's so nerve wracking when they can't tell you they don't like somewhere isn't it.

I don't know anyone who has used Smart Start. I had a friend that used Stepping Stones which is a little further on and she liked it there. I would steer clear of Rowans, I haven't heard good things and they are always advertising for places.

Gosh I sound very negative!

Coojee's is supposed to be good, had a friend work there and another use it. Maney Hill school run Lollipops and again heard very good things.

I have always stuck with Trinity because they are very cuddley and kind to the babies. I have moved the girls on at aged 3 because I don't think they do the educational stuff as well, but for a secure comforting environment I haven't seen them beaten.

However, we all know it's how you feel when you walk through the door that counts smile Feel free to give me a PM is you want any more suggestions

Sheldor27 Wed 13-May-15 13:28:53

Thanks so much for your insight. I will definitely visit Trinity. It is so over whelming as you said because my child is 13 months and can't talk so I wouldnt know if she didnt like it. I will bother you again if I need more suggestions. Thanks smile

Tazmin68 Sun 05-Jul-15 09:02:53

If you call 303-1888 and give your location details they will give you info of childminders with vacancies in your area.

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