Wheelie bins are coming to Birmingham...

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MNBirminghamLocalEd Mon 09-Feb-15 10:34:20

Has anyone had them yet?

They've been introduced in Hall Green/Aston/Yardley/Hodge Hill districts, and the rest of Birmingham is going to get theirs this year:


hmm...where do people keep theirs? Don't they get in the way?

TwoAndTwoEqualsChaos Tue 17-Feb-15 23:55:57

We were a trial ward ...

TwoAndTwoEqualsChaos Tue 17-Feb-15 23:56:44

Actually, a "pilot" ward, as they were definitely going to happen, we were just test-driving the roll-out.

MNBirminghamLocalEd Wed 18-Feb-15 22:12:18

How did the test-drive go?!

TwoAndTwoEqualsChaos Fri 12-Jun-15 00:46:13

It is indisputable that they are ugly and that most people, not least owing to the sort of houses common in Birmingham, keep them in their front garden, which is not a great look but, compared to the black bin bags one had to lug to the front every week which were then ripped open by either vermin or scavengers, I much prefer them. One quibble is that the insert in the recycling bin is far too small: in fact, it might be better to swap the paper bit for the glass/tin/plastic bit in terms of the amount of space we need.

I noted the date of this thread, no one has contacted us from the Council for our views, so I am not sure what the value of the pilot was ...

KingsHeathen Mon 29-Jun-15 11:12:38

Maybe the pilot was just to get the more 'vocal' wards switched over first? wink

Tazmin68 Sun 05-Jul-15 09:00:21

Yes the paper box is way too small still need a trip to paperback in the missing week.

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