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After10 Tue 04-Nov-14 00:53:52

Hi, I've just returned to the UK after 10 years and also new to Birmingham (previously from London). I've got 2 girls (11 and 8 ) settled in school and desperately trying to find paid work. I also need to find help with school drop off and pick ups but not sure where to advertise. Child 1 is year 7 and nothing available at Harborne Academy. We're too new to area to know childcare options for year 7 and she's too new to area to travel anywhere. Child 2 may be able to get into after school club but still looking at options for before school.
Would be grateful for any advice on here. We are in Harborne/Quinton area. Moved back from New Zealand and starting again in Bham. It's so hard but staying positive for the kids.
Sorry for the rant but would be grateful for the support and any advice smile

MNBirminghamLocalEd Tue 04-Nov-14 16:13:04

Welcome back to the UK, and to Birmingham. It's so hard coordinating childcare/jobs (especially when you're applying for jobs and don't know what you can commit to), so I sympathise.

In your shoes my first instinct would be to ask at the school gates what other parents are doing - sometimes there are kids' breakfast clubs etc that are successful enough not to have to advertise, and therefore have a low profile. But you really sound like you need a childminder. Lots around us use childminders to do breakfast and the morning school run, and then collect children (sometimes from separate schools) at 3.15-20. This can be a cheaper option than the clubs. Birmingham City Council has a list of approved ones you can ask for here:

I hope that helps a bit, and I'm sure someone local to you will come along with some more helpful/specific suggestions soon. Best of luck (and let us know how you get on).

After10 Tue 04-Nov-14 19:59:45

Thanks for your reply. I have started doing the things you mentioned. The school does have a breakfast club which would help. I wasn't sure if Childminders deal mainly with younger kids therefore not suitable for my 11 year old. Will give them a list to see if any can help. Thanks again, wasn't sure if there are other options around. Next major challenge is finding work smile

After10 Tue 04-Nov-14 20:00:44

Meant will give Childminders a "call"

Maryparis Sun 16-Nov-14 00:24:17

Dear "After10". Hope you've found goods solutions now for your kids??? Actually I'm going to find myself soon in the same situation as your are, as I'm planning to move in to Bham, I have a 8 years' old son, and same problem : I'll need to work ASAP, don't know anyone there yet, actually I have to find out a nice and quite area to live. If you have any tips that could help (like which areas to avoid, which primary school is fine? etc....) that would be great smile

After10 Sun 16-Nov-14 01:10:35

Hi Maryparis - still looking for work so I'm still able to do the school pick-ups. I'm just doing some voluntary work to keep me sane and busy smile I don't know about the different areas of Bham so probably someone local can help there. My advice is to start looking at schools now as I found it difficult to get a place for my 8 year old and only managed to get into a school with only one place left for year 4. Also get in touch with the agencies early as I find they're not very good at getting in touch anyway sad Register your details on Happy to connect if you want to send me a private message. When are you planning on moving here? Might be able to help with one or 2 things.

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