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MNBirminghamLocalEd Tue 14-Oct-14 18:40:42

Birmingham is in for a horribly fun time this Christmas with a special
Old Rep Theatre, Birmingham from 13 November to 17 January. (Box
office: 0121 245 4455

When Christmas comes under threat from a jolly man dressed in red, one young boy must try & save the day!

From Victorian villains to Medieval monks, Puritan parties to Tudor treats, this latest Horrible Histories show will take you on a hair-raising adventure through the history of Christmas in the company of Charles Dickens, Oliver Cromwell, King Henry VIII, and Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer as they all join forces to save the festive season!

Horrible Christmas is full of silly jokes, funny songs and lots of hysterical historical facts. Its great entertainment for all the family - everyone from 5 to 105!

You could win a free family ticket for 4 to see Horrible Christmas on Saturday Nov 22 just answer this question on the thread below:

Which 13th century saint's giving of gifts led to the custom of children hanging up stockings or putting out shoes at Christmas time hoping to find presents in them?

1. St Nicholas

2. St Terry

3. St Wayne

The winner will be drawn at midday on Friday November 14. Mumsnet Terms and Conditions apply. If the winner fails to claim the prize by 12 noon on Friday November 21, Mumsnet Birmingham reserves the right to draw another winner.

Aaaaab Tue 14-Oct-14 21:18:31

1: St Nicholas

TiredAsANewt Wed 15-Oct-14 21:58:04

St Nicholas

BoysAreLikePuppies Wed 15-Oct-14 22:01:56

St Nicholas

RedPT Wed 15-Oct-14 22:03:24

St Nicholas

YamYam123 Thu 16-Oct-14 18:17:50

1. St Nicholas

NicolaBrett40 Tue 21-Oct-14 14:25:24

St Nicholas

Louise2379 Tue 21-Oct-14 19:55:59

1. St Nicholas

muffinheaven Thu 23-Oct-14 00:19:50

St Nicholas

GetHappy Thu 23-Oct-14 20:29:32

St Nicholas :-) history was always one of my favourite subjects!

whitek01 Sat 25-Oct-14 11:21:12

St. Nicholas confused

crazycrofter Wed 29-Oct-14 09:18:24

St Nicholas!

ch3398 Thu 13-Nov-14 20:34:22

1. St Nicholas

MNBirminghamLocalEd Sat 15-Nov-14 22:31:59

Congratulations Crazycrofter - you are our winner!

Enjoy next weekend's performance. I went along with my son today and had a fabulous time. Check out our review here:

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